My First Grow And I Need Some Help Please.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by twinnybhoy, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Iv currently had my plant growing for nearly 3 month. Iv had it on the 12/12 cycle for 3weeks and im getting white hairs everywhere, there at the top and on the ends of branches coming out of the stem .there also in the nodes where the branches meet, my first grow and i need some help please
  2. what exactly do u need help with? Sounds like ur doing exactly what u should be since u are getting the white hairs all over, next stem will be the tri chromes and ur all set
  3. What are tri chromes? what do this mean?
  4. I think its more like trichomes....its the crystals that coat/protect the bud....and its what we are all here for. It's the medicine part.
  5. Okay thanks for info. is the white hairs the start of buds ? How do i upload a pic
  6. Yes crowns are the start of your bud upload a pic don't use quick reply.
  7. Those "white hairs" would be pistols brotha, the plants just now found her vagina, she'll start to play with herself, ask if she needs a hand, or two.. and she will cum nugs all over you
  8. Trichomes on plants are epidermal outgrowths of many kinds. A common type of trichome is hair. They are called Crowns for they are the prize you will get after a successful growth ;)
  9. This has to be a joke. Nobody can be that slow in tbe mind with these dumb questions

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  10. Here is a few pics of my plant 2013-06-14 20.57.43.jpg 2013-06-14 20.58.37.jpg 2013-06-12 21.55.41.jpg 2013-06-12 21.55.41.jpg 2013-06-12 22.02.49.jpg
  11. Based on the extremely basic questions you are asking, I'm surprised you've made it this far.   Do yourself and your plant a huge favour and start reading.....all of these basic questions are answered in all the guides in the beginner section.   Up to you to read them and learn.
  12. Stop with the dumb questions. It's one thing to be a newbie, another to be totally clueless!
  13. Why troll. Why not be nice about it. Some people have learning difficulties (like me) and find it easier to ask one or 2 questions at a time.

    Yes the OP should have read all info they could find but they didn't so why not help out instead of being a complete and utter tit.
  14. Why didn't op try to help himself first. Hes asking a bunch of stupid questions

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