My first grow and hopefully a good one

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  1. Hey guys this will be my first grow, I just started germinating my seeds last night at like midnight, I just took a picture it will be down below. I am using bag seeds. My plan in everything goes right is: to have them germinate and then I will mix a bit of miricle grow and the 2 soils from 2 different vegitable gardens used by my girlfriend last year ( pictures will be below) I know miricle grow isn't good but hey I'm not trying to get the dankest bud anyways I will be making wax with it. I have about 8 seeds. I will start in solo cups and leave them outside and hope the night temps don't go to low. I will use fishing string and beer to keep critters away. After they get big enough I will transplant into a big maxwell. House coffee container or soda bottles cut in half still out behind my house. Once hey out grow that I will put them in a 5 gal bucket, I will see if I can get some good soil by then, and then take them out into a spot in the woods I have. Keep posted I will be updating every other day proably.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. The problem with using MG doesn't have to do with getting dank bud, it has to do with the soil having too much of the wrong kind of nutrients and putting the plant at risk. Some people use it but most of us shy away from it, as there are better soils in the same price range. I'm using the same soil you have for my vegetable garden...but never would I use it on my girls. Hope it all works out for you.

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  3. Will it kill it? Or will it just not be as good

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  4. Update, I will be using peat moss for the seedlings instead then I will do a mix of peat moss and what ever else is around

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  5. Also I think I will have access to natural compost so I may use that and mix it with peat moss and regular dirt from the woods once I get to a 5 gallon bucket

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  6. That sounds like a better plan to me. :) I start my seeds in peat.

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  7. Another update; just now I put 3 seeds in solo cups and the rest of the seeds I'm giving up on because honestly I don't have enough time or resources to use all 7. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. I think th plans may die, I put holes in the bottom of the solo cup but this morning I checked them and I couldn't tell if it was draining properly, I think I need more. And now Im not gonna se my plants till late tonight or tomorrow and its pouring rain
  9. [​IMG]
    Miracle grow

    Not miracle grow

    And the 2ND plant is younger
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  10. I ended up not using MG I just used some random soil I had in a old flower garden, they didn't hget much sun today because clouds but hopefully tomorrow it will break the soil
  11. Update: so nothing has popped, I noticed the white root was sticking out the dirt so I stuck it back in,I'm think it went in at a angle, I hope they pop soon and I guess I'll check on that later. I think I'll dig it up later and plant it right
  12. So they didn't sprout today and it's in the 30's so much no knows how this is gonna go... Not sure expect much
  13. just be patient! don't touch them and don't water to much also put the cups above your cable box so they can stay a little warm it can take 2-4 days and even longer to see anything pop out.
  14. i wouldnt use clear cups either i think that could be why the root popped up but your fine just leave them make sure there moist
  15. They are outdoors and I can not under any circumstance bring them in the house and it's dipping down in the 30's tonight
  16. What's wrong with clear cups? You think they will pop tomorrow after these freezing temps?
  17. no i don't know if they will germinate outside in 30 degrees i would never do that i would recommend putting it in 70-85 degrees lol ill help you out take the seeds out and put them in baggies do the paper towel method if you can't bring the cups inside and they will have a lot more chance of germinating than 30 degrees also where do you live if our going to be growing outside it needs to be warmer than 30 heh..
  18. oh and clear cups one time i used clear cups for lettuce because i grow lettuce and tomatoes just to cover up my cannabis grows but anyway i was germinating lettuce seeds in clear plastic cups and they never popped out so i doug it up and notice that it was gravitating to the sides and the top because the light was going through the sides but you will be fine because cannabis gravitates up so i don't think it matter but just in case..
  19. I live in NH it's just tonight it's getting really cold yesterday it was in the 70's...I already germinated Ina plastic bag inside I'm just waiting for them to sprout.
  20. I just really hope they don't die

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