MY FIRST GROW - AK-48 & Bubblicious

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  1. looks good bro that HPS is gonna grow some fatties for sure. i will be watching this grow for sure
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    yeah but my problem is that : they are far from me now and the video is from 2 days ago i water them really well and i will go tommorow is there a problem for them that i can`t water them every day. i`ll buy a water pomp and system this week but will this 2 days effect them... i know that at the beggining they don`t require too much watter...

    and the second question to all of you is: i put the seeds first in paper towel with water for a 3-4 days so they open up and i put them in the cubes this was 4-5 days ago but i don`t see them from sunday and i wondering how many days they need to show up

    thanks to all for the help :) apriciate it and sorry for my bad english :)
  3. please anyone help :( ?
  4. IMO 2 days wouldnt hurt them if you watered them well. since those appear to be rockwool you could just get a dish or plate and put a few millimeters deep of water in the dish and sit the babies in it after you watered them, that way they will draw up water from the plate to the cube as they dry.
    i have never used rockwool so im not positive on this but i have read about others on GC doing this.
    as for your other question, i have no experience with seeds in rockwool so hopefully someone else can clarify this
    sorry i cant be of more help and no prob man thats what the site is for right?
  5. yeah 10x a lot man i`m not 100% sure that this is the english name "rockwall" cubes but may be this is so i do the thing with the dish already in that dish where the babies are is fillt 1cm with water so i hope isn`t big problem, tommorow i`ll go to see them and will upload a new pics :) 10x a lot for the help you are only one here that helped me out ...
  6. no problem bro anytime, i may not have the most/best info but its always good to help out a fellow connoisseur of such a great plant hahaha. if you need anything else just ask and i will see if i can help. for sure definitely put up some pics of those girls i will be following your grow!
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    Hello everyone here are the finally pics of my babys (first on the video didn`t sproud) cos it had a electrical problems for a few days i was gone and i think they freezed up - no light no electricity and in there the nights are cold so i put new seeds ( 2xak48 & 5xBUB) here are the pics one from AK is sproud and 2 from BUB they are extactly 10 days from the day i put them in the soil before that i took all seeds in destiled water for 24hours and after i put them in soil turn my 400W HPS light on 18/6 i check the temp it is from 22-29 degrese celzium but i`m worry is there any chance for other seeds that i put to sproud or only these 3 that are on the pics will be all ;)

    i forgot to told you i water them once a day every day with a pomp with timer

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    hm looks pretty good man those are gonna get so big under that light! as for the seeds, in my opinion i usually wait at max 5-7 days for sprouts and after that just get rid of what didnt sprout and plant more seeds but then again my setup is quite different haha. it definitely wouldnt hurt to let them hang out for a little bit longer to see if any sprout though, especially with the price of damn seeds these days. how much water does the pump give them daily? everything sounds and looks really good though im sure you are gonna love those when they are done, best of luck to you bro

    edit: oh just to let you know you might wanna transplant one of those two that are in the same pot as when they grow their roots will become entangled and inseperable, also it will cause the two plants to compete with eachother for nutes, water, and light. the best measure in my opinion is to transplant one to its own pot while they are still small and not tangled
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    Yeah i know i`ll separate them but after a week or more...So here they are they are almost 10 days old and i star to fertilize them (i hope it isn`t too early) and i attach a pic with the fertz i use Advanced Hydro of Holland but for soil i put a half quantity so i`m worried about the water in the Container it holds over a 100liters of watter and my pump is in it i`m worried about th FERT that i put yesterday cos i`m not there all time and i cant shake up the watter everyday i think the pump shakes it but i`m not 100% sure that. So is it a problem that the FERT is settle down in the reservoar or it isn`t when the pump turns on she makes a litle shaking in the water

    i forget to mention - i water them 1 time a day everyday at 18:00 the pump turns on for a 1 minute and after that at 18:30 the lights turn on and the day starts for them. The lamp turns off 13:00 next it that right

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    I see that most people in this forum don`t care about other problems they are intrested only about yourselfs so even than i don`t care and will post my growing progress any week and everyone is invited to talk and help me.

    Here they are at 16'th day i water them at MON WED THU FRI & SUN becouse the soil very dry from everyday watering and on the pics you see the 2 of bub are little yellow at leaves but the ak-48 is good

    I think they grow very slow on the HPS but i haven`t flou`s or i mistake becouse this is my first grow

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  11. Flouros/MH make them grow bushier but they will grow under HPS nonetheless. I've got some AK-48 growing too. Good luck :)
  12. how big are those buckets that you have there and why is there 2 plants in one container? always heard that that was a bad idea because the plants will fight over Nutrients and root space.
  13. they are 10L each and i`ll separate them these days couse i put 2 seeds in each bucket (they are 4 buckets) and not all sprowded and i think that is no problem they are small now and don`t have big roots but for i`ll separate them after 2 days when i go to see them couse they aren`t home they are far from here and i go once a week to see them
  14. sorry bro but my english isn`t very good so explain what do you mean "nonetheless" that i can grow them now with HPS or is bad idea

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