my first grow (aero garden) at one week

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    so my little sprouts have been growing for a week now. note: i think the tiny little sprouts with the round leaves are the herbs that came in the peat pots (guess i didn't get em all out >.<) i don't think these will impede the growth of my plants but i'm going to pull em out anyway so they're not competing for nutes. my little plants have their first (and now second, since this morning!) set of serrated leaves that look like tiny "proper" pot leaves, as well as the two rounded leaves that haven't fallen off yet. i've got them on a 24/7 photo period now to jump-start their growth and it's working pretty well! i find they grow quite a lot just within the span of a day! as far as nutes go i just used the starter tab that comes with the aero and i haven't had to replace nutes yet (the indicator is still green) i'm planning on using the AG nute tabs throughout the grow, unless anyone advises against it... should i supplement this with other ferts, and are there special ferts for hydroponic growing? i'm regularly spraying water onto the leaves (i figure it's never too early) and would like to know: is it possible to do this too much? will it cause any damage if i mist the leaves a few times a day? oh, also: when should i put a fan on 'em? and as far as light goes: i was planning on keeping my plants short enough so that i can use the AG grow lights for the duration, but only if this will give me adequate yield..(?) i can add another light if necessary but would rather not as i'm growing in my closet and want to keep it as simple as possible. sorry for all the questions but there isn't a forum for beginning hydroponic growers, nor much info available on aero growing :/ any comments/pointers would be well appreciated! thanks. :)

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  3. hey man its loong pretty good so far, other than the fact those plants of yours are stretching like no other. Maybe think about moving your lights closer to the top of the plants, or get more light.

    Happy Growing

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