My first grow - a few questions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by syntax13, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Well I've got about 30 seeds I got from 8.5 grams of mids, and I decided what better to do than grow them. I have a good spot with decent sunlight and I have to germinate the seeds outside because I don't have a good place to hide them at my house. On with the questions..

    1. How long should they germinate? Do I plant them as soon as the first sprout appears, or do I wait longer?

    2. Once transplanted into cups, at what point do I transplant them to real pots? Should I just start off with pots rather than cups?

    3. What are some home made alternatives to store bought pots? Could I use cut in half 2 liter bottles or would that be too small?

    4. Will generic potting soil be sufficient?

    5. Will I need to supply nutrients if I just use regular potting soil? If so, how?

    6. I just had the idea of putting earth worms in the dirt to make it more fertile...good or bad idea?

    7. What can I expect my yeilds to be at temperatures ranging from 60-70 degrees at the start of the grow and around 80-90 degrees towards the end? I'm guessing its pretty impossible to tell because of there being so many factors.

  2. Sounds like your going indoors, why not post in that forum?
  3. Well where I'm growing I can see the sun, there are lots of trees, and grass. Pretty sure I hit that nail on the head, thanks though.

    Oh yeah...why not read the post before telling me to post the post elsewhere. ;)

    Sorry I've been without weed for far too long.

  4. 1. Plant when the tiny tap root appears

    2. I like to start off in 8" pots. If you start in cups there is one or two more times you have to transplant

    3. 2 liter bottles will work but, again you will have to transplant eventually

    4. Generic potting soil is fine. Just make sure there are no added nutes in it.

    5. Yes. By feeding with a water soluble fertilizer or organic fertilizer

    6. Do a search on this. There was a recent thread on earth worms.

    7. Impossible to tell now, because we don't know the strain you have or how big a pot you will use ultimately
  5. Meh I'm just lazy I guess.
  6. Thanks a ton man. I'll search for that earthworm thread. +rep for all the help

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