My First Grow - 8 x CFL Bulbs

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  1. I created this setup using nothing more than a wardrobe, 1 seed I found on a friends table from his bud (waiting to detect if it's female), 2 x photography lamps, and an old fan in my attic..

    I started the plant off in my window, this is the first day under light I will be doing a 16hrs on and 8hrs off cycle, I'm going to get some nutrients next week. I don't have much cash so I'll probably a tomato nutrient or something.

    Day 1 (Vegging/Sexing):
  2. Dr Earth has some great nutrients and it's relatively cheap. I would suggest a small bag of perlite.
  3. Are there any in particular, I have no clue about plant nutrients. I just grow peppers and shit in my window in 2L pots with normal compost and tap water..
  4. looks like right now it needs 1 cfl not 8 lol
  5. Haha alright I'll turn 6 off for now and leave the 2 closest on.
  6. Just get a general purpose fertilizer nothing overboard. If your lights aren’t close to your plant like 4 to 6 inches one light will not be enough. It will start to stretch and they are a bitch to deal with.

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  7. Yeah I thought that might be an issue trying to keep it balanced and close so it grows straight and outwards rather than straight up, worth grabbing a pH up/down too to control the pH of the water/feed?
  8. I use tap water but do lower my PH even when misting. I'm using a Silica addictive which raises my PH a lot, so I have to lower it every feeding. It's all about what you feel comfortable doing at this point.

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