My First Grow 2007 so far...

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  1. INFO FOR GC!!

    STRAIN: Spanish White Widow.

    DATE STARTED: 21.07.07 from SEED.

    GROWING: Indoor.

    LIGHTING: ECO-LIGHT - 125 Watt 5U, 230V 50Hz - 2700K RED SPECTRUM (WARM WHITE).

    CYCLE: 7 weeks into Vegetation - 16hrs on 8hrs off.

    WATER: Once every 2nd morning (9am).

    My Plant has been through shit!! and i dunno where to start, so for now please tell me what you think of the plant,
    thanks in advice.


    Day: 28 - Moved from a big cupboard to a small cupboard - moved house etc :(.


    Day: 30 - It's Looking good.


    Day: 34 -
    Trimmed off big fan leaves (don't ask! its another mistake).


    Day: 35 - Growth slowed down abit from trimming on day 34


    Day: 37 - Looking better already.


    Day: 42 - Bit bigger and bushier.


    Day: 43 - Trimmed it far too much! (1) of my biggest mistakes.


    Day: 48 - Recovered from the rehab!. :D


    Day: 53 - New grow room bigger and better, also bigger n bushier!.


    Day: 55 - Bit bigger.


    P.S: here's a link to explain what i did to the plant in the past ;(

    been looking at peoples growing rooms and plants (very swish!):cool:
  2. Wow you really raped your plant, but damn that thing is recovering so well that I think ur fine :smoking:
  3. You make me feel so much better now thanks a bunch :D

    Will update tonight.
    With pics.

    So what does the rest GC think then? lots of help will be greatful plus any advice to make it bigger n better.
  4. anybody else wanna help is out?
  5. yea dude wow, i saw day 43 and was like OUCH, then the next one u cant even tell it happened. uh why did u trim it agian??:p
    haha on 43 it looks like one of those really crappy xmas tree's u can only get at last minute. and u know by trimming away branches/leafs like that ur not only stressing ur plant to regrowth but removing possible bud locations?
    and i would recommend getting a clone b4 u start to flower it since its raped to hell any ways
  6. Look:

    Day: 55

    What ya think now?

    Oh and it will recover thanks for the input ;) trim it because i dont know why :( stupid i know
  7. Btw the 3rd pic hmmmmm dunno what the lil fine strips are!! anybody know? sorry for crap quality pics only got cheap resources :(

    Need info on cloning? thanks. Might even go searchin lmao... im no noob will read up first.

    Also this is when i topped it: 1/9/07 ;)


    Now at 14/9/07

  8. Day 57, this plant is looking very healthy now plus added some reflecting sheeting and also added a extractor system with a dryer hose leading to window behind my blinds lovely fresh air!! Also it dont smell as much now:D


    As you can see new reflective sheetin added for extra light near the bottom half of the plant so it grows evenly.


    New extractor system in use, its hlaf a 2L bottle fitted to a dryer hose then fitted to blind near window perfect air flow, also added a fan too :rolleyes:.

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