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  1. So I'm growing out a strain that I got from a particular site and it is called Congo x Guerilla Gold. It's a mostly sativa plant which supposedly finishes quite early and has a nice sativa high.

    I haven't been able to get pictures until now and the plants are just over a month old, I just checked my spot and 3 of my plants were completely eaten by now I have 3 congo x guerillas and 1 bagseed plant which I named music madness just cause when I smoked it I was totally and completely astounded when I listened to Jimi Hendrix :smoking:.

    Anyway, here are the pics. Enjoy

    BTW, I think I have a Herme...I can't tell if it has female flowers (it looks like it does at the top) but it definitely has balls..check em out.

    ...Pics wont load? Help?
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    Ok finally some pictures! lol

    like I said I'm growing a Congo x Guerilla Gold I had I thnk 8 plants n the beginning but they all got killed but one. So now I'm down to 1 plant which I plan on taking clones from today or tomorrow. enjoy:smoking:


    shes branched out profusely since these pics were last taken (nearly a week ago). Growing inches every single day. Very vigorous growth and resistant to pests and stuff.

    BTW, I had a question, the other day I found a white 'silky' type bug on my plant. There was this silky white stuff on the stem of the plant at several spots and I got it all off but I noticed what was causing it and it was these little white bugs that looked like they were wrapped in some kind of white thread. Idk what it was but I was wondering if I should look out for it?

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  3. I got to say that is one beautiful plant. I wish mine looked that good!

    What a bad ass strain... some african congo weed. Wicked.

    I'll be watching dude. What kind of nutes are you giving it? And any bug repellent or insecticide?

    + rep son!
  4. Thank you kindly man,

    right now I'm giving it no nutes but the soil it is in is pure organic compost which I made last year and it seems to be serving well because the plant is extremely vigorous. :smoke:

    Bug repellants or insecticides haven't been used because pests don't seem to be a problem with this strain (I have put close to nothing but garlic and no bugs have really bothered it) but the animals have been a problem (killed all my other plants).

    Tomorrow I'm headin up there to take more pictures and to take cuttings as well as top and spray some deer/rabbit repellant around the area.

    Thanks for looking though man, rep is appreciated will return the favor.
  5. ok picture update. I've noticed that some of the leaves are being eaten by bugs and like 2 of em were curled and a bit brown (I don't use any fertilizer so it couldn't be burn).:confused::confused:

    anyway she's started flowering seriously now, there are little hairs everwhere and the leaves have started alternating, so fimming/topping is out of the picture now. I took 1 clone from a bottom branch and we'll see how she does. Hopefully good:smoke:

    Her smell is not super strong but it is definitely present and it is an orgasmic aroma. It smells like the rind of an orange with a lot of spicyness to it. An earthy, orangey spicy
    aroma. I love it.

    Anyway here you go

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  6. Quick question..

    do you guys think I should use molasses or some kind of fert for flowering? I figure since they started flowering I may add molasses or soemthing since I heard it helps. Any tips? Id on't have much money but suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  7. wow man ,never realy seen a small sativa like that before very cool, are you using any ferts so far, and yes go ahead with the mollasses, it will help you, just try to find someone who is doing it, and see how much they use.
  8. Thanks man, nope no ferts yet.

    This strain was bred specifically for short growing seasons so it finishes in August/early Sept. which is why its so small I'm guessing. Thanks for the answer on the molasses, I'll look around for info.
  9. + rep to start that is a nice little plant that thing will be a solid bud when its done, smart thing with grabing a clone, i use sea bird gauno as its like 15-13-12 and you just mix it with water or sprinkle some on the ground around the base to soak in when it rains, it has jacked my plants up and they love it and no burn. 8 bucks for a bag 2-3 pounds, i make it last about 10 feedings for 12 plants.
  10. Damn man that guano sounds like a good deal Imay have to invest in some. Thanks for the rep!

    Appreciate your comments man.

    More pics tomorrow!
  11. She is looking beautiful. How long has she been in flowering now? Also do you know how to plus rep someone?
  12. cool grow dude
  13. Thank you guys for your kindness

    She started showing pistils maybe a week and a half ago? Perhaps a bit longer. To give someone rep up at the top right corner of each users post there is a balance beam looking thing. Click that and then click the bubble that says I approve.

    Thank you guys!:wave::smoke:
  14. nice grow man. That plant looks super badass. Those leaves...MMMMMM

    I am glad your flowering has alredy occured...still waiting waiting waiting over here. No rush...bigger vegg = bigger buds. I am also guna switch to molasses when flowering begins. I imagine it would give the buds a nice sweet taste as well!


    Check out my outdoor grow!
  15. ha. hey i got a new username so that is why you couldnt REP it. you should still though!

    How long have they been in flower?

    I am going to start using molasses both foliage spraying and mixed in with the water. I read awhile last night about it being FULL of nutrients, so I would totally do that if I were you. Its cheaper than bat guano. like 5 bucks for a LARGE jar
  16. Shes been in flower for nearly 2 weeks or so now.

    Sorry about the late pics folks...I don't have access to photoshop anymore and I'm trying to figure out another way to nicely edit the pictures evenly down to size.
  17. Hello GC! I never updated with the last set of pics I had cause they were of poor quality, but now I have some niice pictures from today. Its been nice and sunny lately! :D

    Shes grown at least an inch or 2 since I last took a picture, and shes branched out much more. Starting to look like a mini sativa christmas tree. I must say I'm quite pleased with her.:smoke:

    Her leaves look extremely healthy and I haven't even used fertilizers or anything (its gotta be the compost...great shit).

    Shes budding quite nicely and has a beautiful aroma, smells like good ganja. The leaves have started to get a little bit frosty on some of the newest branches. :hello::D

    Anyway, thats the good stuff. Bad stuff is I'm still finding that silky white shit on her lower branches (its like a covering) and the things that are causing it are little white bugs which can jump pretty damn far. Idk if this is bad or not but I just keep scraping it off.

    I've also got ants all over my plant. Not ALL over, theres a few on the main stem, but theres a whole bunch in the soil. Is this bad? Could it lead to aphids?

    And the pics.












    Nature's treats:


    and my treat to myself..picked this up real cheap today at the flea market haha, its not real nice or anything but hey, its a new toy :smoke:;)

    :hello::hello::smoke::smoke: good vibes to everyone
  18. bumpp

    more pics either tomorrow or the next day.

    any tips wouldbe greatly appreciated.
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    Lookin good! I grew some Early Gold a few years back and it was great. It's one of the parents of the GG I believe it finished around august 15th. Your in for some frosty buds!!! Just keep her watered and maybe feed her some guano or another high phosphorrus fert.
  20. wow nice and healthy. I have a small piece juusstt like that :D

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