My First Green

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  1. I have been close to greening and completly passing out but not like this... this happened 2 days ago. i broke my bong i named zen... was in my bag and it shattered so i decided to make a bong.. its pretty sick and i spent 30$ on making it.. pretty bomb. anyways back to it. i smoked my first P all my friends were doing them so i tried and was alright id rather just have a huge bowl. so i bought a 5 piece off my friend and smoked all of it in my bong with one hit felt pretty good after that then went and tried another P i was pretty baked at this time and my buddy brandon invited me over for a sesh with the people i was already with. so of course i said sure il go when we got there he had a Spliff rolled and we started smoking that ( i was already ripped before this) was probibly a G spliff decent sized. so after we finished that we pulled out my home made bong we named it ( The Devils D`ck for its shape) and he pulled out lil'H its his little water pipe he packed a fattt bowl into that and about .7 into my bong after it was all gone we packed about 2, 3 more bowls and after we smoked all that I had no idea what was going on anymore so we all went back to my place and we chilled fer abit played halo reach then we had some munchies by some i mean eat out the whole fridge... then we went back down into my basement and smoked abit more and my other friend showed up and was his first time smoking weed was really funny the way he reacted i bought him a few bowls off my friend he smoked them and gave me his chambers that he couldnt finish after that we went and played more halo, got abit more munchies then as we were playing reach i started to feel really dizzy and i didnt know whta was going on so i said im going to puke i walked to my toilet.. felt like crap so i waited then for some reason went and looked in the mirror and i kept repeating im not gunna puke im not gunna puke then i went to get a drink of water from the sink.... bad idea i spat it out and puked everywhere!!! it filled up my sink from all the munchies i ate it was like in the movies where it just sprays out like a fire hoze after it all i had to skoop it out of the sink into the toilet and i left and passed out i woke up fully clothed my blanket off me and on my friend and my room was trashed with weed and tob everywhere... was a messed up night i have smoked more then that idk why i couldnt that time.. :\

    sorry for the long message i wrote just thought id go into detail with it :p
    happy hits :smoke:
  2. same thing happened to me!
    huge bong rips and massive amounts of munch tend not to agree with my stomache
    dehydration may have also played a role in there!
    i smoked a bowl by myself, then went to a friends house and we took a bunch of hits from his bong and bubbler. Then i ate an INSANE amount of munchies! i was playing some call of duty after that but i was starting to get dizzy so i laid on the floor and ended up puking all over the place! :/ it was like a waterfall, just like you puked
    then i went to get some water and fainted right in front of my friends mom... i was so emberassed
  3. Greening out was the most horrfying experience of my life.
  4. I can tell you're still feeling it by reading that entire thing. Cheers:smoke:

    Sucks bro, that teaches you to limit your intake.
  5. aha thx guys :p first green is sooo horriable :p i didnt think puke could come out like that! came out like a pokamon shooting a ice beam or something idk :p im not gunna like pretty ripped right now while i type this...
  6. your first green ahh cuute :)
  7. Sometimes i'll smoke 8 bowls and i'm fine and then other days i'll have 4 and i just get 'that bad feeling'. I don't feel sick and i don't feel paranoid it's just this feeling like oh i'll slow down for a bit. escpecially if you're feeling a little nausea STOP doing whatever you're doing like if you're playing video games or sitting on the computer, eating or even watching peole play video games just chill out lay down for 5 or 10 and get a drink usually you get a queezy feeling and a bit dizzy from not enough water cause everyone knows smoke is hot and harsh on your throat and dehydrates you. Drink a glas of water before you sesh or pretty much whenever you're leaving to go to a sesh. I've never greened out 'cause i just don't smoke that extra bong when i don't quite feel up to. In the end alot of people don't care if you pass cause the bong gets faster to them, and what's better piking out or throwing up?

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