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My First Green Dragon

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StonySmurf, May 4, 2011.

  1. This summer, I am going to be a camp counselor, so I can't toke! :mad:

    But, naturally, being a stony bastard :rolleyes: I figured out a way to get myself some medicine up north.

    :::Cabinet Green Dragon:::
    4 oz Bacardi 151
    1/4 Green Crack (Grade A)

    It's sitting in a sealed mason jar right now...
    It's gonna be there until June 1st and then gonna strain and put in those cute little tincture bottles with the eye droppers!

    I have no experience with Green Dragon - how much will get me stoned?

    What will the high be like?
  2. it will be like a dragon devouring your mind

  3. 100% this.
  4. Haha, from how many eyedroppers? 2? Heavy or clearheaded?
  5. last time i had that my farts stunk like dank lol
  6. Green Dragon is great.

  7. Maybe it's just me but I thought that was funny as hell. Lmao
  8. Bump, would like some more info please!

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