My first GC rant: friends or... thieves?

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    All right, so I just opened up a bank account so I can just use my card in California. I withdrew $35 though, and kept it in that little mini-white envelope with my ID.

    I bought a dime from my friend, and me and my boyfriend hung out down stairs and smoked it. This is at "his" house, where he lives with his older brother and mom.

    I accidentally left the envelope containg $25 and my ID on the table by the couch. We went upstairs and went to bed shortly afterwards.

    The next day (yesterday) I was looking on my drawer at his house where I was sure I put the envelope, and it wasn't there. My boyfriend and I started looking everywhere and he found the white envelope crumpled up and stuffed between the middle couch cushions. The fold-over part was still sticky so I know nothing could have fallen out of it. We also looked EVEYRWHERE, no ID and no money.

    I know it's only $25 but I'm mostly angry because this is at my boyfriend's house and the only people who have been over are his brother's girlfriend of 3-4 years, and their friend-since-childhood friend who I've smoked with countless times and I wouldn't think would steal from me.

    I also have to go through all the trouble of getting a new ID and I have to do it immediately because I'm leaving for California justover two weeks and I need it to get on the plane.

    I can't believe I can't trust my money in a place I've spent every weekend for the past year and a half.
  2. People are sad and just have the need to steal, even from family and close friends.

    You shouldn't have left the envelope lying around, but I can understand why you would because you considered everyone in the house a 'close' friend.

    Take the loss and don't leave your shit lying around anymore.

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