My first Ganja+Alcohol experience...

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  1. Well, yesterday was the day one of my friend started his vacation, so we decided to get some weed and alcohol, and go thru the night!

    Now, before I continue, I have to tell you, I am a very easy drinker, 2-3 drinks and I really start to feel the alcohol, when it usually takes 10 for my friends.

    So, I'm at my fourth drink, I decide I should roll some joints, everything is fine, I even take the time to show to my friend how to do it himself (he's kinda new to everything about maryjane).

    I finish another drink (5th at this point), and I'm really feeling drunk, so I call out my friends, and say we're gonna go smoke the 2 Js I had just rolled!

    We go outside, everything is fine, we do a couple nasal bomb, and one shot I invented called the Parachute. (3 ppl and the "smoke shooter" gathers their hands to form a parachute (kinda like a roof of hands) and I blow away!)

    Now, I think that what the alcohol did is, the little 10% that was left of my mind, that isn't affected by the weed, was affected by the alcohol, so I really started feeling dizzy (In a good way) and then when I sat down, all hell broke lose (Once again, in a good way). Lights being really bright, not being able to move a lot... etc... No balance whatsoever.

    For about 35mins, I was freakin' lethargic! But as soon as the alcohol started to get out of my body (I had finished my drink maybe an hour ago, it's hits fast, but it leaves fast too). I started to totally sober up, even from the weed, I was totally alert.

    So, in conclusion, the alcohol+weed experience was like a sinusoidal wave, Really freaking high, but then back to my normal state of mind!

    Sorry for the Wall of text, hope you enjoyed the little story ^^

  2. I recently had a great experience with weed and alcohol last Wednesday. I drank my ass off, ate steamed crabs, and smoked some Mary Jane. I actually made a thread about it now that I remember, haha.
  3. Yeh, that happens to me too. i get a 'good" dizzy feeling after smoking. but after a while everythings starts spinning and you get some motion sickness. I usually lay down a few hours after (if im alone).

    Better to drink and smoke a little. Or drink till your buzzed then smoke. then start drinking again when either one of those buzzes go down.
  4. i have had a very similar experience. i drank a 40 and then boxed a small room. i sat down on the couch, tilted my head back and closed my eyes. it is very hard to describe the feeling but i will try: imagine your body shooting up into black space and passing by invisible waves of endorphins. each passage (every .5 seconds) was another wave of endorphins that made me feel good (almost like a non-sexual mental orgasm). practically, i was fucked up and when i closed my eyes i had rushes of pleasure throughout my body.
  5. TRUST ME....

    smoke before you drink and not after
  6. Yes, I guess next time that's what we're gonna do!
  7. Your lucky, for me i cant mix either or i get the spins :mad:
  8. yah i hear ya, i don't smoke when i drink... just don't like it, i could never talk to a girl both drunk and high.
    also, my friend was really drunk last week, than smoked a joint and got the spins, barfed & passed out early.
  9. hell yea, tht how i feel when i get twisted.
    first time i got twisted was at a party. MY GOD!
    wild story but im not gonna explain now (maybe lata :hello:)
    it felt soo effin good!!

    the thing i hate tho is when i close my eyes i fall asleep like really fast. 3-5 sec tops
  10. Amen.
  11. u dont start drinking before smoking weed man!!!

    u smoke weed first then alcohol,
  12. beer before trees, you're on your knees
    trees before beer, you're in the clear
  13. When I get drunk, it's like my lungs are numb. I can rip some ridiculous hits.

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