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    OK this is my first attempt at growing some quality meds. I had gotten fed up after being given some moldy buds, This has been so far an awesome experience! I have a lot going on, prob a good 20 different strains due to I am learning what works best for me. I am 3 weeks into flowering with around 6 plants, blue lemon thai and purple paralysis. I have 4 clones given to me, I was told that there are 2 roadkill skunk and 2 carmello. Please give me any opinions advice all is welcome, I am growing in soil, under a lot of cfl's lol. I just have a question about the carmello, it's buds look way different than my other plants, is it a strain thing maybe? All feed back is welcome! Thanks!

  2. i would like to see some pics of the buds to see the differnce
  3. you didnt post pics
  4. I'm growing caramello ATM and its definatly my most vigorous plant. She grows twice as fast as my others except my hydro girl but post some pics and how many what what cfls do you have? Anything for ventilation? Good luck :wave:
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    Sorry over almost a day and I still cannot crop my pics to 'fit' ! Must be a blonde thing, I dunno. 
    oie_713233045TJbYbC.jpg   oie_713178EGOseiqN.jpg   oie_713202HQBX0TM3.jpg   oie_71321590aUDD6RN.jpg oie_71320581PRpofSQ.jpg   View attachment 1220564
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    Alright that was a start, the one I am wondering about was the last picture, I will post some better pics soon, like I said, newbie, learning,  :smoke:
  7. WOW looks like sever nute bun to me tips curling down fist of all on the last picture and the tips are burnt. and have you cheacked your ph run off looks like u have a ph problem to maybie ph root lock up. but  nut burn  for sure
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    Thats the thing, I check my ph like a, it's usually fine, I only give them nutes like once every week, it was a clone given to me and the guys been kinda sketchy on the details, the others are fine, just wondering if the buds are supposed to look that way?? I have had it around 3-4 weeks and it's the only 'different' plant.
    oie_7152321uwHXmCkS.jpg   oie_715222NF6KFw6G.jpg   oie_7151648AI5dnHCL (1).jpg
    I have since pruned yellowest leaves, I figured it was just a maturity thing.
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    This is the carmelo clone, is it supposed to be flowering like this?
    These are a few others, the Lemon thai, and Purple paralysis.

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  10. Aaawww forget about it.
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    I was told it is just a photo type caramello, I currently have prob around 18 cfls total, I have 7 babies also, they are all inside of a grow den with a few carefully placed fans for ventilation, the caramello is def the biggest of all, her flowers just look so different, and they are not really carrying any smell, around 3-4th week flowering, is that also normal?  Oh yeah, all cfls are equal to 100w out put, half my tent is under warm spectrum half under cool far so good, Thanks. :hello:
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    I know the tips have suffered a few 'light' burn from cfls getting too close, but I didn't know about the crab claw prob, I am careful about my root problems, cause that was a first mistake with my blue lemon thai, but she came out of it wonderfully!
    I also have pics of my babies in my album for more detail
  13. ya they really start to smell about 2-3 weeks before harvest
  14. I think your worried because the buds look twisted and weird.. Seem to be growing at the crotches as well as up the plant .. !!?!?!

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