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My first few weed experiences

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by laxattack, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. 1st time: dealer stole money

    2nd time: laced with cocaine

    3rd time: this one was actually really good. My buddy laced it with some kind of muscle relaxer

    4th time: last night: it sucked. We had our (usually) trustable dealer give is 3/4 a G and charged us for a G, quality was meh and to smoke it we broke into a house that is for sale, no one in it yet and I was freaking out the whole time. 2 of my buddies didn't show up. only 1 did so we start smoking and it pours like fuck out, We both snuck outta our houses btw, and we had to run home. I was high, got lost, and came home soaking wet. Wasn't too bad though even though we had those problems in the begging
  2. Id be skrewin if My weed was laced with cocaine, coz for me, thats a step too far, weed is weed, cocaine is messed
  3. somehow i doubt your weed was laced with coke, mind going into a bit more detail?
  4. Good friend of mine said he got it from a friend of his and he laced it. I believe him seeing as he very rarely lies and never to me, but you can call me/my friend a liar but idc it also seemed different than the regular stuff we buy.

  5. Sounds legit. But don't worry man, keep smokin and shit will work out.
  6. Im pretty sure you didnt get any laced weed, especially if you only bought a gram. Weed doesn't get laced as often as people seem to think.

    But yeah, I had shitty experiences in the beginning... That's just the way it goes. Keep smokin and you'll make those connects.
  7. Well 3rd time WE laced it soo yeah.. but 2nd time wasn't me/friend

  8. he said his friend told him he laced it, so it was laced
  9. I'm not going to say it was or wasn't laced but the the sticky in this forum makes a good point, saying something along the lines that theres no point for a dealer to lace it with cocaine as cocaine is insanely expensive and to lace it would cost you alot more to buy otherwise the D would be losing money. Makes sense.
    About the breakin in part, thats not good. I only smoke if it's a relaxing enviroment and not sketchy as shit. A break and enter just to blaze sounds ridiculous to me.
  10. Yeah, 2 of the kids who I was gonna smoke with said they went there a few times and it's cool. That's why I was freaking out. Its one thing having cops/parents catch you smoking but breaking in too? too far.
  11. I think, that sum dealers lace green with cokecaine to try and increase your cravings
  12. definitely didn't see that part

    carry on then

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