My first fancy glass piece...

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  1. Finally said fuck it, the wife can piss off, and bought the first glass piece I've had in a decade or so that I haven't made myself and bought this big boy![​IMG]

    A Troy Glass piece...not familiar with the name, but the pickings are slim in my area.


    Has a triple honeycomb, and a slim neck with an ice catcher appropriate for crushed ice.


    And for the inaugural sesh.....


    A salad of Strawberry Skunk, Blue Dream, and a mixture of kief from at least 20 different strains since the last time I emptied the catcher on my grinder.


  2. Nice piece

    Happy smoking
  3. Nice. Hows it hit !?

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  4. Yeh good for you man, you deserve it!

    Looks like it gives smooth hits yes?

    Good luck cleaning it though....make it a bi-weekly ritual - or else!
  5. Takes a bit more force to draw due to the three honeycombs, but otherwise smooth as butter. My wife smoked three bowls through it today without coughing, and I'm still "training" her how to smoke!

    Never heard of this Troy Glass brand before, but I'm quite happy. Couldn't really find shit about em online though.

    As far as cleaning, with the hi-test shit I smoke, douching it and flushing it with hot water daily. Will ease back a bit when I can get a good ashcatcher/precooler.

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