My first (experiment) outdoor grow.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Jurgen, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. This is mye first year, i just wanted to try growing outside. I used the paper towl method, and planted the seed directly in the ground. Now its about 2 months old or something. I need to transplant it to another place ao fast as possible, but i dont want to hurt som roots or kill it, can someone give me a tip of how much i need to dig up aso.... The strain is Skunk #1 that i got for free from seedsdirect. Heres a pic taken 4 days ago. Thanks :)

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  2. yeah, when i ordered some other seeds..
  3. You need a spade shovel and a wide blade shovel. First water the soil so the rotball sticks together ( but yous soil looks wet enough in the pic) stab it into the ground all the way in about 2x the lenght of the leaves. carefully break it loos working around the plant and get a wider sovel if you can to lift the rootball out with. Have the new lacation ready, throw the plant in a bucket and bring it to your new location and water it down once its in and the roots are burried.
  4. And give her some hydrogen peroxide in the water because it looks likes shes waterlogged. One Tsp per gallon of 3% it will put O2 into the water.
  5. Thanks man, i really apriciate it.. I will do the transplant later, and take some pics..
  6. Have you geen giving any ferts? it looks like it could use some weak 10-10-10 or something equivelent.

  7. Nope, where can i get that?
  8. The transplant was succesfull.

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  9. Heres the growspot:

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  10. hey man that looks like a nice place is it like in mountians or somthing?
  11. next year do a grow like this using growbags with some tall grass piled around the bags to cover them up. Thats only if its a spot where no one ever goes. good luck!

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  12. Yes, its on a mountain in a forest right down here.. its a nice place!
  13. was that the buy 2 KC Brain strains? :)

  14. You get free Skunk #1 seeds with every order! (or you can request any other of their $15 Nirvana strains)
  15. Jurgen, hows your grow doing man? I see you dont post anymore but if you get this give us an update :D. They should be into flower now.

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