My first experience with shrooms

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  1. So last night my roommate shows up with some shrooms and we decide to take them around 10:30. We hung out for about an hour and a half, and while we felt a little different not much was happening so we were a little disappointed. Earlier that day, I rolled a fat joint and since I wasn't feeling anything I suggested we drive around in my car and smoke it! He agreed so we left around midnight.

    We were driving around and having a good time, the joint was almost cashed. And that's when it hit me. Suddenly, the road seemed like a mere suggestion. I was driving straight but the road felt like it was in a continuous S-curve. Realizing I was officially tripping balls, I start heading back to my room because I was only a few blocks away at the time. I make it to the parking lot, but I had to park about 3 times. I just couldn't park straight to save my life! My roomie and I get out of the car and ran up the stairs to our room, giggling like little girls all the way there.

    Man, am I glad I made it back when I did. When we made it to our room is when I started peaking. I got a sprite out of the fridge and stood in the living room watching TV. Talk about sensory overload! I could see all these geometric shapes and these lights that looked like stars. "Dude, I'm on shrooms. I need to retreat for a while." "hahaha dude you're trippin'." I then walked to my room and stood in the middle looking at the walls. They were vibrating and seemed to be changing colors. My sprite tasted really good, but it was hard to handle. I had to focus really hard to bring it to my mouth and drink it. My roommate then walked in. "Are you good dude? Let's watch a movie." "Okay bro, I'm good." I felt more secure so I went back out into the living room.

    The next three hours were amazing. Feeling more relaxed, I just let the shrooms take me where they wanted. I could feel this pressure on my teeth, like they were being pushed together. That sensation would move down my body and I felt heavy, like the gravity suddenly increased or I was falling. I suddenly started spinning around and I couldn't stop twitching, I was so jittery. Feeling very disoriented, I sat up straight and put my hands together. My hands felt like they had lube on them and I couldn't stop moving my hands together. I felt a lot like Dr. Jekyl or some kind of mad scientist.

    The music on TV was amazing! I could feel the rhythm and the beat. I could hear the subtle undertones of the music. There was this nice piano piece that felt like it was being played on my teeth. I couldn't stop my leg from moving to the beat. It was magic.
    Suddenly, my other roommate walks out to make himself some food. It's like 2 AM now and he is completely sober. He started talking to me, but I couldn't understand him. It was like he was speaking in Arabic. It was kinda cool!

    Over the next 30 minutes I came down pretty drastically and my roommate who did shrooms with me went to bed. So I layed down for about an hour and after feeling really close to sober I dozed off. Best night ever! :hello:

    Keep tokin' and I hope you enjoyed my story! :smoke:
  2. Cool story bro!, really wanna try shrooms some time.
  3. I remember my first trip. I only took 1.75 though. How much did you take?
  4. Ya i found some shrooms in my bros room, curious to ask him if i should try them with him. Prolly not tho last time i toked with him he gave me a big lecture on how weed can ruin your life, BUZZ KILL!
  5. I didn't take too much, just 1g for my first time. I am looking forward to trying it again in the future though :cool:
  6. Sounds like you had a pretty ideal first time with the fungus! That doesn't happen for first time i took about 1.7 and felt nothing while my buddies rolled around on the floor laughing and spewing mucus out of their nostrils. Now, i have eaten mushrooms on many different occasions and i am familiar with lots of their effects.

    Some of my favorite parts of the mushroom experience are the crazy come ups, where the walls start breathing and the cieling will do a kind of creepy crawly undulating motion. One time I was coming up on 3.5 grams of mushrooms and i walked inside my house from a dark backyard, everything was brightly highlighted in harlequin patterns...crazy sight!

    After you are past the peak of the trip, i feel like mushrooms are still a lot of fun. This is the less crazy, more introspective side of the trip where you have worked through any little mental blocks or bad everything is just groovy! This is an ideal time to smoke some herb, because it tends to bring back a lot of the visual sensations from the trip. At this point in the trip i feel like i just love everything so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then eventually, i start to feel tired and am able to entertain thoughts of going to sleep.

    All in all, mushrooms are fun, but they are also teachers. The occasion must be just right, especially for larger doses. For more recreational use, consider the "social cap and stem" - just a pinch of psilocybe mushrooms (~1g) combined with ample amounts of marijuana, can be lots of fun and less intense and emotional than a full trip. Always a good idea to have a trusted sober friend to trip sit you and help talk you through any mental hang ups you might develop. Play Grateful Dead and Reggae Music!

    Happy Trippin
  7. Hey thanks for the encouragement. Cool story too! :hello:
  8. Hearing all these trip stories lately is really making me start to miss the mushies. Im gonna try and find some again and have some fun.

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