My first ever post on this forum was because I was diagnosed with Cancer. Now almost 3 years on.

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  1. Just looking through my posts on this forum. It's crazy looking back at some of my shit. I've been on some roller coaster of a journey with weed. But I noticed my first post was when I was diagnosed with Testicle Cancer. Link here: Me, and Testicle Cancer

    It's been a wild journey. The worst thing about Cancer is the mental health crap you have to deal with afterwards. Every cough, or sneeze, and you instantly think you've got Cancer again. You start making up symptoms and convincing yourself it's returned.

    I remember not so long back I felt something enlarged in my groin area. I kept pressing and poking 24/7 all day long. First thing I would do is wake up and feel the area. I'd feel a lump, and instantly my mood would switch. I then realized I was actually feeling the spermic cord and it wasn't a lump it. Silly me.

    I'm irrational as hell. Totally. It's got me into trouble countless times. But it saved my life because when people thought I was irrational I actually had Cancer. My hard testicle wasn't the infection my dad suggested but was infact Cancer.

    I got seen to quickly, and it turned out I had stage 1 seminoma. If you're going to get Cancer guys, this is the one you want. Call me lucky, but I had the best Cancer diagnosis you could get. I was happy. I had to have a testicle removed, and have a dose of chemo, but I was happy that I wasn't facing months of hospital treatment.

    I won't lie to you, if it was a choice of having to have lots of chemo or die I would honestly rather die. Unless you could get me wasted on weed and other off topics every single day. I might reconsider. But seriously, it's bad. The C word rips your world apart. Many reading this won't ever have to face the issues some people go through, and I envy you guys.

    One of the worst things about having Cancer is no longer feeling secure in your own mortality. Before Cancer I assumed I was untouchable. I thought I'd live to the ripe old age of 80, earn a lot of money, build a fantastic career and die happy.


    It's a fantasy and a dream. One that I may reach, who knows, but I stopped assuming I will life to that age a long time ago. You shouldn't plan that far ahead, it's foolish.

    I expect to die young. There's no escaping that fact that I will die. So will you. Its not worth fearing death no more because it isn't going to change anything. I could worry that I am going to die of Cancer but it isn't going to make the chances any less. If it's to happen it will happen.

    Life is just a journey. I enjoy spending much of it high. Life is much easier to take in when high.

    I've came through thick and thin in life. Went from poor to rich, back to poor again. From good health to poor health. From living in a car to living in luxury apartments to living in social housing.

    Life is crazy. Don't take it for granted.
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  2. Amazing post.
  3. Agreed. Thanks for sharing. That was a very good read.
  4. Life can throw some hurdles but we overcome them :D

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