My first ever PC Micro Grow

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  1. Well, I decided to start with this little experiment of trying to grow using a pc grow box. Anyways here's the details of what i got so far as well as a few images.
    Old ass broken pc case found in the trash
    Gutted that bitch and prepped it up
    16" length
    16" height
    7.5" depth
    Sunleaves Garden Products
    Reflectives Mylar
    4 light socket to plug in adapters
    6 socket power strip
    4 soft white 2700K cfl bulbs
    60 watt equivalent
    14 watts used
    2 old pc fans
    1 salvaged from an old power supply
    1 spare fan from a desktop
    Fox Farms Ocean Forest
    2-1 Gallon Smart Pots
    Germinate 4 bagseeds in water and paper towel method


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  2. Nice looking setup. Good luck.
  3. Great start, keep us up to date with building your pc case  :hello:
  4. Subbed..

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    What's your grow plan? LST? Scrog?

    Also you might look into switching out the 2700ks for some 6500k Cfls. Good luck and Green mojo!
  6. Thanks for the replys guys, as far as the grow setup im gonna lst and scrog them with an old fan im gonna make the scrog screen with. Also the 2700K cfls are gonna be used cuz im putting them straight into flowering, dont really have much room to veg them I dont think.
  7. Check out my thread man. You have plent of room to veg!! It's not gonna grow right if you don't.. Just start tieing her down after a couple weeks and wrap her around the pot!! DO NOT RUSH HER!!!!! Let her do her thang!
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415759569.650516.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415759583.951020.jpg

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  8. Yeah, at least let them veg 2 weeks minimum.
  9. Just use wood or DVD cases to prop up your pot so it's a few inches from lights and you can pull cases when needed to lower.

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    Gotcha, thanks for the tips guys, will take pics tomorrow of my setup to show. It's kinda late right now

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  11. Looks nice! If you haven't looked into it yet check out some LST methods. Your gonna have todo it unless your looking for just a couple small nugs. I started pining her down a week after sprout threw soil.

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  12. Thanks man, Already did my research log time ago, this isn't my first actual grow, but my first pc one for sure. Planning on LST and Scrog
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    The light on CFLs is at it's most intense on the sides or placed horizontally. The top of the bulbs pointing down like you have is actually a dead spot with the weakest amount of light intensity. If I were you, I would try to mouth the light horizontally then keep the plant between 1-4 inches away with DVD cases like Simon mentioned.
  14. If you guys want to rock, do a hydro scrog under LED in a PC case.
    That is the holy grail. I would but my lights are way too big.
    if you want help with way out crazy shit I can help you.:D
  15. Update
    Photos are crap due to low quality cell phone cam and laptop webcam lol
    Plants set on 12/12 light cycle
    Dropped seeds into cut soda bottles to germinate them. Gonna transplant
    to Smart Pots in a few days
    1 plant baby broke the soil today, hoping it's a girl. Fingers Crossed.


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  16. And the fun begins!
  17. 11/17/2014
    First Baby seems to be doing well, transplanted to the 1 gallon smartpot
    Added an exhaust fan to the pc and built ghetto light traps from cardboard,
    duct tape, hot glue.
    Switched lights from hanging down from top of pc tower to the side
    so lights put more output onto plants also to make more room in box as suggested by scars.
    Another seed has emerged above the soil.
    Started LST on bigger plant using wire hanger, already went back up towards the light.

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  18. Update
    Both seeds that hatched through the soil have been placed in their own smart pots.
    Things are going great so far. Hoping these are females.
    Been watering using tap water, no nutes as of yet. Just the organic shit thats already in FF Ocean Forest
    THe pic of the bud in my hand is some Tahoe OG Kush, Nom Nom

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  19. Sad news, biggest plant, the lights fell onto it and burned the little one. Wonder if it can recover :(
  20. The plant that burned by the heat of the lights is recovering pretty well now. 
    These images were taken on 12/2/2014 so Im behind a bit on the updates. Will post updated pics tomorrow.

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