my first ever homemade glass bong

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by DannyR, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Hello im new to this forum and smoking really. Here's my homemade bong it was my very first time ever making a hole in glass so I scratched it up a bit. But I plan on making a better one soon. Right now im just looking at other people homemade bongs.

  2. I think we've been watching the same 'how to' youtube videos.

    Great piece man! I'm planning on making my own vase bong soon enough.
  3. Haha yea soundrone on youtube. Im going to make a way better more legit one with a volumetric flask with all glass and also a adapter for an oil rig. Why spend 100+ on something you can make for under 50
  4. Exactly, plus you get the satisfaction of smoking something you made yourself, plus the pipe actually working, no matter the cost or how non-ghetto it is.
    (I get proud when I make a plastic bottle bong, let alone a full blown glass piece.)
  5. All those extra fumes your inhaling must make you feel super proud..
  6. Wheres a good store to get glassware like that? And whered you get the drillbit/ how much? Home depot?
  7. ^ I bought the vase at the good will everything else I bought at Lowe's. They didn't have any larger diamond glass drill bits. But I know you can buy bigger ones. Www. he sells everything you need to make a bong out of glass or plastic
  8. I gotta grab me a diamond drill bit one of these days.
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    Your kind are exactly the opposite of what cannabis is supposed to represent. There's no need to be pretentious and criticise somebody else's pursuit to do the same thing as yourself, only because you spent more cash to get glass on glass or because you're aligned with better circumstances. It's all about creativity and problem solving, I'm sure you'd rather smoke a ghetto bong than not smoke at all. Besides, you can't really complain about inhaling fumes when you're already combusting plant matter and sending it to your lungs. Take your ego elsewhere.
    Sorry for being OT.

    You can grab them off ebay for about $3 each with free shipping. They normally only last for 1 or 2 bongs before they wear off though, so be frugal.
  10. He's not doing anything like myself. I'm talking solely about health issues resulting from homemade devices. I would take a long as possible t break before I even considered smoking a "ghetto" bong.
    And I primarily vaporize now.
    My point is your assuming things because you simply agree with the OP.
    get your head out of your ass and look at the entire picture.
    There is always a chance of inhaling to toxic fumes when you have a homemade device.
    And criticizing someone else's pursuit to do the same thing as myself ?
    Hah what a joke.
  11. I know you were talking about my device and not OP's, my original point still remains.

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