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  1. Hey guys, didn't want to start until I knew it was a female, but here I am and better late than never :smoking:. Grown from random bagseed. I'll get into details if I find the time, but it's been an all CFL grow with Superthrive and FF Trio as nutes. Tomorrow is the beginning of the 6th week. There are also trichs as well. Oh and if someone can help identify, that'd be cool. Thanks!

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  2. Here is my extremely low-budget grow space. Currently I'm running 3x 6500k 26w CFL along with 1x 2700k 42w CFL. I move it outside whenever the sun is directly on the deck. Third pic is only with daylights on.

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  3. you are at six weeks? what timing are your lights on? also...... moving your plant like that will stress it out a lot i would either leave it outside or inside because the stress can cause the plant to herm on ya even this late, i've had it happen to me from moving a few plants (pesky people getting nosy)
  4. Yeah fuckin female!

    I will personally vouch for the awesomenesss of this plant. Smells soooo good.
  5. Yep, I think that makes six weeks. This plant doesn't get stressed apparently. The day I transplanted it out of it's first container, I fed it some Superthrive and it grew at least half an inch. That stuff is the shit! But I will take note of that and only put it out when it's realllly sunny. It's been on 24/0 since seed and I will change it to 12/12 pretty soon.
  6. right on, its always nice to have a hardy plant. i'm using the same light schedule and have had some good results with it, i love the week after shocking them with a switch to 12/12. Mine will be there in about four weeks they are only days old right now
  7. Yeah I read somewhere that there is no benefit to a darkness period during vegging, and in the Marijuana Bible. And it definitely is working. Good luck with your sprouts man.
  8. Congrats on your girl!
  9. What's up guys, no pics unfortunately because my computer won't read my SD card. But I have been takin pics and will upload as soon as possible.

    Anyways, started 12/12 on September 24th. Can see the beginning of preflowers on nearly all nodes, but only faintly. New flowering setup consists of 1x 2700k 65w CFL, 2x 2700k 26w CFL, 1x 2700k 42 w CFL, and 1x 6500k 26w CFL. I also started a three-way LST today on the three biggest heads. Fed her some Super Thrive and she is already lovin it. Here's a quick pic I took on my phone, more to come soon hopefully!

    Ironically enough, none of the three heads which I LSTed are showing in the pic yet. But they will be by tomorrow!

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  10. Just saw a couple old pics from my phone. The first was taken on September 11th, and the second on the 16th. It's amazing to see how fast this beautiful plant grows!

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