My first electric guitar?

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  1. A question for all you experienced rockers out there. I've been playing for a year and a half on a mystery yamaha classic that I found in my trunk one day (seriously). It basically takes up half of my waking life, so I thought it was time to invest in a sweet ass electric one.

    I have a couple of hundred dollars to spend, obviously I'll be looking for something used. Anyways, I'd really appreciate some model suggestions!
  2. My first guitar was a Jay Turser Vintage Series, does the just learning how to play it now actually..they are fun to mess around with high, as for suggestions, i have no idea..
  3. I have a Gibson ES series. ES-135, ES-137, all awesome Gibson semi-hollows. Check them out, anything in the ES series is worth taking a look at. Awesome guitar, amazing sound to it. Mine, (ES-135), put me back $800. Thing is though, that was around three years ago now, so it's probably down from there. If you've got the money to spend on it, it's worth it imo.
  4. get a les paul they look so sweet. and they come in many different price ranges so whatever you can spend, theres a les paul for ya. ill find a pic of this sweet one hold on ... .. .

    how much money can you spend? have you thought about an acoustic electric?

    ps: does anyone know what it a b-stock is?

    o ya visit if you havent.

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  5. The fender standard series are a great value.
  6. epiphones are good bang for your buck too, depending on the model.
  7. Save up the money and get a good quality one. In the long haul you won't regret it. I used to play, but switched to drums.

    It's like anything else though-bong, drum set, guitar, car, computer. Save up the money and buy a good one, it's worth it.
  8. its true, dont buy something cheap.

    you obviously enjoy it and dont need to test whether youll quit or not, so save up for something nice.

    if you want to bang around on an electric guitar while you wait, you can just rent one for a while (its real cheap)

    remember youll need a nice amp too. dont buy a shitty amp because you spent all your money on a guitar, youll be mad because it will still sound like crapposa.
  9. Just get a pretty good Stratocaster... you can get a fairly nice one for 300 bucks, the guitar won't let you down. You're going to need to invest in an amplifier too, but if you're just playing for yourself and maybe a few friends, a cheap little 10 watt amp will do fine.
  10. Whatever feels good and sounds right to you is my philosophy.
  11. i say get a good gibson even tho they are pretty pricey its deff. worth it

    i have a shop near me called guitar gallery and it rules
  12. good call there.

    i'd say, while it's tough to wait, just save up some money and get a guitar that'll last you awhile. but if you're looking for something a little less expensive than those gibsons, esp makes some high quality guitars in the $300 range. took me forever to save up for my first guitar but i love it just as much today as the first day i got it.

    good luck, and rock on :metal:

    dude, btw... your deviantart stuff is amazing

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