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My first edible, holy shit..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whereami, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Sup GC. So I made my first edible today, just a simple canna-oil mixed into a milkshake. I've wanted to test edibles for a while and I'm planning on using some with my friends later this month to get high inconspicuously in a theme park (it's going to be awesome).

    But yeah, I made the oil with around 1-1.5g of high mids. Decarbed the weed at 100 Degree's Celsius for 15 minutes and then added the oil and cooked for 30 minutes at 170 Degree's Celsius. Mixed it in with a milkshake (a banana, some yoghurt and milk) and then downed it. It actually didn't taste too bad, added a slightly nutty taste to it.

    I had it at 11am, started feeling the effects around 12ish, just the heaviness behind your eye's etc, it didn't peak (or so I thought) until about 1pm. I was pretty baked right then but a bit disappointed because I'd heard edible highs were very intense and my eyes weren't even red, so I passed it off as a failure.

    I stayed pretty high until around 3pm, then bam. It hit me like a ton of bricks. My eye's were red as shit, I was 100% couch locked. It was amazing, it stayed at the peak for around 2 hours then started to calm down a bit. It's now 11pm and I'm still comfortably baked, so relaxed.

    TL: DR: Tried edibles, at first I was disappointed, high then reached its peak, fucked me up, intense body high, still high 9 hours later.

    If anyone hasn't tried edibles I highly recommend you do. Very easy to make and comes with an extremely intense and long lasting high, peace :)
  2. how much edible did you get for 1.3 g of weed
  3. I dont get how you made the oil?

  4. If you mean the dosage that was one dose, enough for one person. It may seem like a lot for one person but its so worth it.
  5. What's the average price for 1 gram? How many butter servings do u get?
  6. LOL I'm late
  7. You didn't cook the oil nearly long enough.

    That's the recipe I followed but with the temperature at 170 Degree's Celsius for 30 minutes. Prior to that I also put the weed in the oven without the oil at 100 Degree's Celsius to get rid of the majority of carboxyl groups.

    The average price of a gram for me is around £7. So this edible probably cost me around £10 to make including the milkshake ingredients, seem's pretty expensive and I obviously won't use this method for everyday toking but it's so worth it. If you're going somewhere where you cannot smoke I highly suggest edibles, or even just if you've got an entire day to spare and relax.

  9. I cooked the oil for an acceptable amount of time. Look at the link I posted to the recipes and all of the success stories from this method. I don't believe cooking it for any longer would make a significant difference to the quality of the high.

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