My first DWC! The Cali Connection - Bubba Kush Bx2

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  1. Well, well. Where to start?

    Right.. It's day 17 so far.

    Running :cool:Cali Connections, 'Bubba Kush BX2.' Great Germ 4/4. Had one seedling that was a bit slow.... Actually tossed the cube and started a new seed. Amazingly enough the next day I spotted the seedling breaking surface.
    I am going Pheno Hunting, looks like I have some choice here! Seeing as I have 4 very different Pheno's. So far I have my eye on Girl #2.. She has vigor, great structure, node spacing, and all the likes.

    Feedings are regulated @ 750ppm.
    Fresh nutes are Ph of 5.5 allowing to drift to 6.2. This has been pretty stable. I have not needed to adjust Ph whatsoever. Lifes Good!

    Right now they are under t5 5400k, and t8 UVB10s. I am waiting on my split AC to get here b4 switching to the HIDs

    Everything seems healthy???? Had a Problem with Girl #2, awoke to her crushed under a my lamp somewhere around day 5.

    Also, something in my Folair burned the heck out of them all.


    Here is Girl #1. She is a bit slower vegger. Nice lush looking leaves tho.


    Girl #2. My favorite thus far. lots of side branching coming forth.


    Girl #3. She is very blue in color??? This one is a few days behind everyone else. She is the girl I tossed in the trash.


    Girl # 4.... Ya, she recieved the worse of the folair feeding. I don't know what happened.. Anybody? Not my favorite girl by far.. Stretchy, bad structure, kind of twisted up.

    Thanks for stopping in.. Would love some advice.:hello::hello:

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  2. Foliar feed today! Girls have really perked up!

    Liquid Light
    Seaweed Extract
    Fulvic Acid
    DM Penetrator
  3. Subscribed.

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