My first dwc grow.

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    Its alittle rigged until my dwc system arrives and gets set up.

    The plants are in coco.They are skunk #1 mean purp and blue northern.I didnt start this one.When I start my own Ill run a strain at a time.

    The smallest plant on the bottom left had some issue.When my friend had it it broke in half.He proped it up and somehow it managed to heal itself but its growing about 3/4ths slower than the rest.

    also how well does florashield work and Im going to research it but Im using General hydroponics General organics go box.It has bio thrive grow and bloom.Bio root bio weed bio marine and diamond black.Would using florashield block or mess with the organic nutrients.

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    nice I hope in two weeks to be simular. I suggest you use jungle juice as nutrients, a fav in hightimes.
  3. baby ak48 sizzles week or two from MH starbursting that chloroform in the pigment of the cell walls of beauty.
  4. here finnally.

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  5. Cool man you can post updates in here if youd like.Lights are about to go on and when they do if I notice growth Ill add another picture.
  6. Here is a picture from today.Looking alright yellowing has gone down due to small feed.

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  7. Thats wazup, mine arent to be seen out of the rockwool yet.
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    There is hardly any yellowing now.I fed them again today.How Ive been giving them nutrients is filling a gallon jug with my water and then adding nutrients.I put the water from the jug into a cup and hand feed them.They are in coco.The little ones get a cup each of the water and the big ones get three.The water then drains into the res and they can eat when they want to.

    Today I used 10ml bio bloom, 5ml camg+, 7.5 ml of bio root, 2.5 ml of bio weed, 2.5 ml of bio bud, and 5 ml of bio marine.That was mixed into a gallon of water and I hand fed them like I said above.

    7 day of 12/12.The two bigger ones have pistols.The smaller ones havent showed from what I can tell so far.

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  9. They are looking okay.

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  10. whats going on here? This is the Hydroponics section ;)
  11. You dont say?

    I told you its alittle rigged.Thats a res under there man.
  12. Here is another picture from today.Im thinking of moving them into individual buckets after all of them sex.

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  13. I got that little system.I put the small plants in it..Ill add more pictures soon.I bought a meter from amazon and itll get here on the 11th.

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    14th day of 12/12.

    One of the ones from seed showed a pistol finally.Others havent shown sex and Im not sure why.Its not light leaks Ive checked a few times and I dont have any.They were only two weeks old though.

    Well my meter got here.Havent got any calibration solution.The readings are 278 for tap 580 for nlue res and that looks alittle high but I just changed the res water and added nutrients.The other res is 285 and thats low I know for the size bit I hand fed these and they are in coco.Root growth is minimal.

    I need to get calibration solution and ph tester now.Moving along nicely though.

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    I added some stuff to my grow today.

    I forgot to add Im going to put two more of the 68 watt cfls in there. I think it's looking good for what I got so far. any input is appreciated.

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  16. Hey friends they are looking good in my opinion.Ppm in blue res is 408 and ppm in the black taped res is 588.Somehow Ive managed to get all females even from the seeds.

    Love you all and if you have and feedback Id like to hear it.

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  17. Going to be starting my first dwc soon. Good luck and I hope you have a successful grow!
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    So my dwc setup is somewhat different than what Ive seen.I am using coco in those containers with holes in the bottom of them.I have sterilized strings that soak up water and keep the coco moist.

    The root structure is barely in the water.Id say the most root growth into the res is two to three inches.It was alot more but I came into contact with root problems and got rid of the bad growth.

    I think they look pretty though for what I got.

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  19. Howdy

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  20. cant wait to see you go HID :)

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