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My First Dutch Honey Sport

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Shouse1018, May 9, 2006.

  1. Sup Blades. All this talk of Dutches had my tastebuds goin.

    I've been smoking for a while but never rolled or smoked dutches. I dunno why. It's

    mainly white owls and swishers here. I don't have any pics but i swear i rolled a

    Beautiful Blunt with the outer leaf looking Perfect On the first try.

    I don't know if i just like the procedure of rolling but I think i'm gonna have to start

    smokin dutches full time. Shite tasted sooo smoooth too.

    Just thought i'd share with you my first dutch encounter. :smoke:
  2. Honey Dutches :) are the best. I usally only roll optimos or swishers, but sometimes I'll go for a hone dutch if I have a bunch of weed.
  3. should have gotten a gold'n honey
  4. stick with vanilla dutches, honey dutches will get to your lungs after a while. and they reak.
  5. Another one comes to the dutch side. :D

    But yeah, try a vanilla dutch, they are much better imo.
  6. They've got the newest Dutch Masters... The Honey Palma... Honey and Vanilla combined in one of the tastiest blunt experinces you will ever have... Guaranteed...
  7. i've only had green leaf dutch masters and grean leaf optimos and they both tasted like shit and not alot of places where i live sell all of these flavored dutch masters so i just smoke owls.

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