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    This is my first grow box and its all a DIY setup.  Please help me out if you see things I should change. I had an old cupboard in the garage I wasn't using 28"X33"x13".  
    I had a 24" Dual T5 light from an old planted fishtank I had.  10 CFL's currently 27K for flowering at 1600 lumens.  Running on for power strips.  I got 3 for $5 on Craigslist.  2 for $6 AT HomeDepot.  Running a 12 on 12 off timer.
    Venting is a bathroom vent fan from HomeDepot for $13.  I am also using a small personal fan i got from Wal*Mart for $5.  Fan and Bathroom vent running 24 hrs.
    I'm running 4 bottles of DIY C02, 2 running into the back of the fan the other to sit at the base of the plants.  I am mixing a DIY fertilizer mix from Dry Ferts I also had from a planted tank.  I have everything micro and macro ferts.  
    I just recently noticing what I think is a Magnesium deficiency on one plant that also seems to be reacting to a bit of over watering.  So now I'm kinda stuck in a hard spot I know it has a deficiency but it is also over watered so I can't fix the deficiency till it drys out a bit.  I also needed to transplant during flowering something I really didn't want to do but had to.  Im hoping to build a 6'x4' box in my garage soon to be able to grow some monsters but right know just truing to keep it small.  I am not going to be using the buds from the plants more for the wife and her severe anxiety and a hobby for me.  I have been learning as i go.  Please an tips pointers welcome.  I do  understand the tinfoil isn't ideal along with other things but used what i had for the time being when i move to the bigger grow room will probably get better materials.
    20141011_151446.jpg 20141011_151414.jpg 20141011_151417.jpg 20141011_151420.jpg 20141011_151425.jpg 20141011_151427.jpg 20141011_151300.jpg 20141011_151306.jpg 20141011_151314.jpg 20141011_151327.jpg

  2. Simple and effective. Good job buddy I think you did a good job. You gotta get some reflectors on those cfls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the times the light from the cfl hits the wall and is reflected back to the plant it is extremely weak. Reflectors are a staple with cfls and they will make your life a lot better lol. You got a nice setup tho but make some reflectors for those cfls. Ton of diy tuts around here. You are losing 75% of your lumens atm

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    2 plants, seperate them by a couple inches place them in the very middle but with a small gap for air to flow from.

    place the fan lower. blowing up towards the lamps in an angle so it breezes through the plant gap and shakes the stems a little.

    get stakes to support the stems , just drive 1 through the soil and gently tie a stem to be supported by the stake. you can tie all the branches, causing more light per budspot.
    Light is the key factor in bud size, just make sure every cola gets the same amount of light.
    Maybe place the cfls 2 on each side in a 45degree angle upwards.

    Other than that a good looking diy

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