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My first dispensary visit...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by br0ken, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Well my first time legally buying marijuana and lookie what I got!
    All from MCCaregivers in Colorado

    Attached Files:

  2. lemon skunk, one of my favorite strains

    dont ya love having a card hahaha
  3. so whatsup with the tincture? someone wanna explain how to use this to me? :smoke: seems pretty cool.
  4. take a few drops, eat them, get high
  5. [quote name='"SIRSOG"']take a few drops, eat them, get high[/quote]

    If it just takes a few drops, it looks like that bottle would last hella long
  6. well i dunno about that bottle's potency, but when i used to make glycerin tincture in the same sized bottle it had a gram of potent ass hash oil in it...
  7. bro you should of got gold hash oil thats the 1st thing i wanna try when i move to a medical state

  8. Its like a big vial of the liquid stuff! Watermelon flavored haha. Its an eyedropper on top and just drop a few under your tounge!! :)
  9. I had a tincture and drank the whole bottle and got stoned. My first visit to a dispensary, I got bunch of free stuff like grams and cones. Did they give you anything? Be wary of those prerolls they give out free. Opened a couple and big ass twigs n stems were rolled in the bud so you can't see it through the paper.. There's a new club here that gives free eighths or half eighth of hash for first time donation... Sweet
  10. Gotta love those first time patient gifts

  11. try some hash bro you cant go wrong

  12. Will do:smoking:
  13. Try pure gold mist spray. 4-8 sprays under the tongue will leave you twisted. Or try kind caps and wax. Remember that if you do anything other than flowers, it will increase your tolerance temporarily, but a bowl topped with wax will have you hazy for a minute.
  14. Damn I'm jealous....I wish my state wasn't such a buzzkill.
  15. My club sells cheeba chews for 13 bucks. I always buy cheeba chews sativa quad dose whenever I want edibles. It's the best bang for your buck IMO
  16. i'm so jealous. Louisiana doesn't have medical yet :/

  17. I know haha its been 5+ years smoking rather heaviily :cool: Just finally said screw it I'll do it legally

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