My First CFL Grow - Stealth Tubs (Kinda)

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  1. So, first grow ever here!  Its a 1.5' by 1.5' by 3' storage box that I picked up at Home Depot for ten bucks.  Picked out a few 2700k bulbs as well as 5000k bulbs.  I know that isn't the right light spectrum, hence I have 8'' 6500k CFL's at 4,200 lumens each on the way, which I will use to replace the bulbs at the top of the fixture.  Once in place, each plant should be receiving about 11,500k lumens.  The inside of the box is lined with aluminum foil for better reflection.  The holes cut into the side and top allow for airflow, and I have a circulating room fan blowing into the portholes on the side.  I am growing two misc. plants I received from a friend so I can learn, before planting the autobomb and alakazam strains I have on the way :D  any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


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  2. Status Update:  So after a long debate with my bro, I decided it would be best that we move the crops into the closet.  We rigged up the whole closet with 7 reflectors from Home Depot suspended on cheap chain.  We put the bulb splitter attachment on a few of them.  We are running 10x 5000k Bulbs and 2x 2,700k, for a total of 21,600 lumens.  We have better bulbs on the way!
    Check out the Pics attached!
    Inquiry:  So, while looking at my girls I noticed that there is a slight yellowing around some of the leaves.  On one plant, one of the oldest leaves actually has purple dots showing up on it.  I thought that these systems were from a lack of nitrogen. Or maybe I am just being an over-worried daddy!  Either way, check it out and some feedback would be appreciated!

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