My first cfl fun grow

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  1. Hi everyone
    Roughly a month ago I had a $20 store coupon to bestbuy that was about to expire. I figured I'd look around the website to see if there was anything I needed. Well there wasn't! I did find a small hydroponic system called the prepara power plant pro that was selling for $39.99 online at their site. I decided to get it because the coupon was about to expire & there was nothing that I needed so I figured instead of losing $20 all together I will invest the difference & get this gizmo. All together it cost me $26.00 shipped. Would I of bought it without the coupon ? NOOOOOOO, After I play with this toy I will get myself a real bucket system.

    I germinated a fem white widow seed using this toy & was thinking of transplanting to a pot & make a scrog setup for the 1 plant. Well I decided to push this toy to the max.

    There are adjustable stakes over each of the 6 pots & I can easily remove & turn them in other directions. I was thinking that I'm going to lst it around the rotating surface with the stakes. This toy rotates about once every 20minutes. This should be fun. I'll be using 2 85watt 5500 lumen cfl's & 1 42watt 2700 lumen for vegging. The nutrients for veg is what came with the prepara "dyna grow"

    P,S, This is my first grow ever & will be a great learning experience & when I'm ready for grow #2 the prepara will become my germination / clone station :smoke:

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