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My first buy (PICS)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ragekai, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. So, I bought a $20 sack off this guy. First buy I ever did. It came rolled in 4 seperate bags, according to him each bag was "1 joint" or "about 1/2 gram" so than this means It should be 2grams for $20, which is $10 per gram. Sounded ok to me so I got it off him. I put two of the "joint-bags" into the "house pot" for a smoke session with friends to add to what they already had..and kept the other 2 for me. So halfing it means I took home a dime, $10 worth. So with these pics I'm asking if this is a good deal for $10 (1 gram).

    How is the quality?
    How is the ammount, 1 gram-ish?

    If it checks out good, I'll continue buying from this guy..thats why I ask.

    I got pretty high off what we smoked in a session. haven't tried solo yet. But the smell is pretty good to me whiffing the bag. Although, I'd prefer uncompressed nugs..I asked him about this and he said he doesn't grow his own and probably the only way to get uncompressed nugs the way i wanted was to find a grower. :( of the compressed nugs looked atleast slightly nuggy so I'm happy about that one (its the one with the close-up for quality.) is pics.

    This is what I got for $10, sack dumped looks like this:



    Here is a close up of that top left most chunk, for quality checking:



    According to other pics I've seen I'd say these are mids. How would you guys rate the quality? And for the ammount...I don't have a scale so I have no idea. Is this about a gram to you guys in looks?

    Thanks for all help! :)
  2. #2 lar20, Feb 20, 2009
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    looks like a good buy for your first time. doesnt look like you got ripped off the quality isnt great but mine was just like that when i first bought lol so nice pick up!

    edit: oh and it looks like close to 2 grams which is good cus if u got 1 gram for 20 it woulda been a rip off for that
  3. quantity looks good, quality is about mids. price is decent. not bad :)
  4. according to him, the pic of the bud is only half of the buy. so the quantity he got seems nice. ^^
  5. looks like some regular ol' middies, doesnt look like a rip off to me.

    Good job, on tha first buy
  6. not bad. could deff. be worse
  7. I've seen worse, but you could probably get better shit.
  8. oh after re reading your post you said that was only 1 gram lol well the nugs must not be 2 dense but either way you got your moneys worth
  9. Idk. Imo, it seems a little light, and I wouldn't pay $10 a gram for mids. In the dimes I buy, there's 3 grams in them. Next time you see him or call, ask how much like a half an ounce is, then do your math.
  10. 3 grams a dime?!?!?! for 10 bucks???? lucky
  11. you paid 20$ for 2 grams thats wack 7 grams for 20 or 25$ thats a bad buy if you paid that unless thats like nug i pay 5$ a blunt (5$=2grams):devious:
  12. ur smokin dirt
  13. you did good for your first time.
  14. #14 Ragekai, Feb 20, 2009
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    2 grams for $5? Dude.. thats like..$70 an Ounce.

    Anyway...thanks a ton for all the info guys. Looks like this guy will do for now..till I can find someone with some Beast or Fire..
  15. not bad for your first buy.

    i still continue to get ripped off. 1 gram/even less than a gram for 20 bucks.... yeah it sucks
  16. #16 CrapsKing7^11, Feb 20, 2009
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    damn where you guys from you guys got a fucked hook up it use to be 80$ a oz (28-30 grams) here then they upped the prices 20-25$ for 7-9grams most of the bud that comes thru taste delicious for some shwagg.are you honestly paying 20$ for a gram or even less(thats not even a blunt!more like 2 bowls!) thats horrible unless its like guys need to step up to your dealers an say whats up!

    50$(a half oz)=13-15grams
    75$(three dubs or quarters)=21-23grams
    100-110$(a oz)=28-30grams
    250$=(qp,quap,cutie pie,3-4oz's)quarter pound

  17. That is the price of shwag, or middies. The bug in those pics looks like its decent so would be alittle more
  18. Good for your first buy looks like normal mids
  19. you got ur 1-1.75 depending on density
  20. #20 SovietRed, Feb 20, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, 2009
    Not bad man. Not bad at all.

    SHWAGG ass weed then lol.

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