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My First Bubbler

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deathknell, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Hey, i just got my first glass peice, its a little bubbler and i love it, anyways im wondering if i need to use a screen when smoking weed or anything, and how to clean it, and finally, when i clean it is there any way of completely getting rid of the smell of the resin in it
  2. screen: no just put the weed in after you use it a few times it will hold the herb better

    Clean it: just use alcohol in a zip lock bag and add salt enough till it stops dissolving, let soak, shake like a mofo, let soak, shake like mofo. Rinse and she is as good as new. Enjoy and be smart and safe bro.
  3. can you post a pic i wouldl like to see what your new glass looks like?
  4. took some pics, cant find my mini sd card converter, when i find it ill post em tho :)
  5. Do a youtube search on cleaning glass pipes.

    They get spotless. I have a bubbler that is more then a decade old but it looks brand new when clean.
  6. found it, heres the upload
  7. haha, that doesnt really look like a bubbler. more like a vertical sherlock
  8. :) its pretty sweet, i cant have a bong or anything because its not easily hidable, this uses water and its a decently small size, and can be easily hidden, plus its a pretty peice
  9. Yeah thats a sherlock, but none the less a nice pipe!
  10. oh, can i use it with water like a bubbler though?
  11. no, sorry. its a dry piece
  12. oh damn, ill just go back and get a bubbler later, i was gonna get one of the bubblers with the little round water space under the bowl, but i cant buy it so i had to have someone else buy it for me, and he got me this one by mistake. oh well, anyways ill still have fun with this one :)

  13. please elaborate............
  14. I'm sure he's over 18 and its probably something to do with being banned from the local headshop :rolleyes:
  15. the dude wouldnt sell to me, so i went and talked to my friend and he bought it for me
  16. its cuz when i saw the bong i forgot to call it a water pipe :X

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