My First Bubbler: Leeroy Jenkins!

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  1. Here's my baby, my pride & joy: Leeroy Jenkins. Nothing fancy or expensive (40 bucks), but this bitch RIPS like no other! With the small chamber, you can really pack so much dense smoke in it and it hits you like a fuckin bullet when you clear it. And something else I love about Leeroy is you can really taste the bud out of this like no other bubbler I've smoked out of for some reason, and I've toked out of some nice bubblers (up to the 120 dollar range). But for some reason, the flavor really comes out, cant explain it, but I fucking love it!
    havent been able to load her up in about 2 months tho (moved to a new area) but im working on getting a job and meeting people and all that.
    but anyways, here she is back in FL when she was used daily:cool::
  2. nice piece. my bubbler recently broke.... it was a sad day when she passed on, but i know she's in heaven w/ the most high.
  3. Nice bub bro. Great color.
  4. Aww, she even has her own little mat to sleep on. :smoking:
  5. "Did he just run in there?!"

    Sweet bub. Stand up bubblers have always been my preferred toke method
  6. Sweet name. Did you wipe a raid after smoking from it?
  7. Nice Bub man have fun!
  8. You might be noticing the flavor is much better than other bubs simply b/c yours is brand new and therefore doesn't have that gnarly resin taste.

    But anyways not a bad bub at all, looks tight for when you need a water piece on the run and don't wanna bring a tube or big bub.
  9. Nah, the taste aspect is always there, I just recently cleaned it before I took that pic, but even when its overloaded with resin, it always just brings out the taste of the bud for some reason. Doesn't even taste like smoke, just tastes like the taste of the weed, hard to explain but easy to understand.
  10. Just how it's built I suppose, It looks ill bro. I love the color :D

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