My first bowl broke today :(

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  1. Kinda a random thread but today i cleaned out my pipe and when i went to go dry it off it slipped right out of my hand :( and the worst part is when it hit the ground it bounced up perfectly fine and then dropped back down and shattered :( went to my local head shop and got another bowl and it was like way over priced 40 bucks for a simple little bowl!! ugh i am soooo mad! it sucks :( I wish i had my old bowl back, it was awesome! Blue white and orange, and the bowl on it was huge! Hit like a motherfucker too.
  2. you have my deepest sympathies and know my heart is with you. i hate breaking pipes. what a shitty feeling it is, no? i just broke a chillum not too long ago at work and i'm still not quite over it
  3. i feel your pain
    next jay is going for your bowl

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