My First Bowl (and Grinder)

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  1. So the holidays were good to me and i received my first bowl (and first piece) and grinder!

    So that's basically all i have to say, here are some pics.
    Lemme know what you guys think!
    Any names? Zebra?
    I dunno :smoking:

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  2. nice score. im digging the textured black swirls kinda likea snake caught in a tornado lol
  3. i dig that piece, grinder looks nice too. I've heard rumors that aluminum ones are bad though? something about little bits of aluminum being scraped off from the abrasion and getting into your weed? i dunno how true that is but it makes me a little scared to use non-wood grinders =/
  4. That's a gorgeous piece, dude! And a nice one to have as your first. You should definitely give it a unique name.
  5. Name it Betelgeuse.
  6. Really good buy! With your grinder, stay away from stems. Two years back, I was grinding (shit Asian weed) with something similar to your grinder and the teeth in the grinder broke :/ Metal ones are always ace. If you handle this without stems / (crappy asian weed), then it should be ace as well :D
  7. I had a similar pipe to that a while ago. It's pretty sweet, and your grinder is sick
  8. Plastic grinders.
  9. Only with the cheap Chinese ones. And usually this can be avoided by washing the grinder in warm soap and water upon purchase. The metal flakes come from the CNC machines used to manufacture aluminum grinders.
  10. Looks like a next respectable piece OP.
  11. make sure you run a bit of paper through the grinder first. This gets rid of all the aluminum flakes that people are talking about. Your piece is really nice It seems pretty unique with the textured spirals. I would name it slytherin because of the snakelike quality it gets from the spirals but you know best OP

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