my first bong

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  1. bought this bong a while ago, never had the chance to use it yet. what you guys think? just a small ceramic, was like 15 bucks

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  2. Nice looking piece for the price, never know till you smoke it.
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  4. sorry bout that
  5. how do i move it? or does a mod have too?
  6. I mod will see it soon, just be patient.

    Nice bong for the price. Hit it up and see what its like man.
  7. Looks pretty sweet, Enjoy it man! :bongin:
  8. Nathan- Welcome to the city and +REP for sharing a pic of your first "water filtration device" lol.

    As a side note- I think you got an excellent price, and I want to congratulate you on NOT buying a plastic pipe. Don't get me wrong- if there are blades out there with a plastic bong, that's fine- but to get a bong made of something other than plastic for $15 is a deal. Even if it does have a metal slide- whatever...

    I didn't start smoking until I was almost 22, it was about 5 years ago, but I waited until earlier this year to buy my first bong. Why? I'm so cheap that $50-$100 bucks to spend on a decent water pipe always got spent on a huge bag and some zig-zags first...

    After a long day at work, school etc, sometimes nothing can compare to a quick "half pack," followed by a couple of nice heavy RIPS on a water pipe all by yourself...

    Idunno man I'm rambling here, but you reminded me of a time when my smoking was about more than just the weed. It was the excitement of going to look at glass pieces, showing them off to friends, fantasizing about the next piece of smoking (not just growing) gear to buy. The pain of breaking pieces, and the joy of replacing them with new glass "children."

    I guess what I'm saying is you reminded me of a time when smoking was about so much more to me than just the high itself... Thanks for taking me back man... Seriously :)

    CHEERS!:hello::hello::hello::hello: (yeah I know the emoticon is called "hello" but it looks like he's clapping too, so use if if you've got it! lol)

  9. @ CFLweasel, thanks heaps :).

    yehh i would never buy plastic, i thought it was a great deal plus it looked nice :p. yeah only problem is the metal slide but hey for 15 bucks i can live with that haha.

    haha thats so true man, know so many people putting off buying some gear to buy the weed it self. i don't know why, i mean "for me atleast" smoking from a water pipe is such a better experience then your plain old j. id take a bong over a j any day off the week. you havn't tasted weed unless uve smoked it from a bong ;)

    ahah your very welcome man, im glad i made you reminisce on the good ol' days. hahahahah i dont know why thats under hello ahhaa
  10. Do you need some tissues Weasel?

  11. Please use the correct forum when posting. I know you are new and there are many forums, so please browse around before posting!
  12. nice bong man.
  13. lol, my first bong cost me $7.05. imade it from a coconut and steel brakeline (brand new). it hits a little hard, but its sweet. ive never uploaded a picture before, so bear with me.

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  14. Nah... Sometimes somebody says smething that'll make me feel like 2003 was yesterday.... The "early 2k's" were the shit... Best time I've had since thre 80's and I was too young in the 80's to enjoy em...

    Peace GC
  15. nice! does it hit with the coconut water or do you replace it?

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