my first bong!

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    got this bong locally, apparantley its from one of the original blowers from JBD , but since jbd stopped its under a diff company

    its got mushroom decal on the back. and diffuser and ice catcher
    it hits so well.


  2. the guy at the store said it was a color changer.

    whats that mean? will the colors get darker or will more colors appear?

    noob question but ive just wanted to know for sure
  3. Means the colors change.

    This varies with light, angle, and very generically, with use.

    Basically resin build up doesn't CHANGE the colors, but it gives it a darker canvas which can make the colors look darker.

    Nice bong though, really cool bowl.
  4. great first bong. congrats man
  5. thanks for the info!
  6. nice man, good lookin bong you got there. Rip it once for me! :smoke:
  7. That' a nice bong man. Congrats! :bongin:
  8. Im really diggin that bong bro, very niceeee
  9. that bong chose me. i was walking by and decided to stop in and within 10 min i was buying it. lol

    it felt right haha
  10. i got a jbp excellent bonggs for the money
  11. Very nice bong man, congrats on your first!
  12. thanks! cant wait to hit it again, got a damn exam that ive been studying for boooo
  13. sick bong man nice buy
  14. its broken :(

    named it alice, after the mushrooms in the back
  15. man, couldn't even make it ten days? that's rough
  16. Ahhhh?! Wait it's already broken?? -mourning- :devious: If so bro... damn I am sorry to hear that. Otherwise, if its still together and ripping, MUCH love for another local blow. Loving the art man and the fuming is top notch. Check out my home blown piece in my sig too. :bongin: keep blazing
  17. :eek: :(
  18. Damn that sucks balls! How did it break?
  19. that blows that you broke your tube man!

    i have an original JBD, and it rips wonderuflly, i cant imagine what id do if it broke.

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