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My first bong...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JS8672, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. I got this piece about three weeks ago for 30 bucks, the guy gave it to me that cheap because it had a tiny crack at the base but said it shouldnt be an issue and it hasnt.

    Its actually pretty durable, I've dropped the stem a couple of times and thought it would sure break but nope..

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  2. nice bong man 30 bucks is nice
  3. sweet sweeeeet
  4. It's 17 inches, we named her Puta lol because everyone gets to hit it and the bong has 3 holes just like a female LOL

    I also have a pipe named Leonidas
  5. I know. nuk nuk nuk nuk nuk.
  6. this kid at a party was showing off the exact same bong cept it had a green mouth piece green base and green bowl... he said he got it for 130... i told him he got ripped off but he swore it was a custom....
  7. aha i think i can picture the way this kid said it, i know this dude that said his 30 dollar convenience store bong was a custom because it had a slide and an icecatcher.

  8. haha i know right... he also thought that his diffuser was custom blown jus for the bong.... it looked like any old slit hole diffuser... similiar to the weedstar one
  9. Sweet find man, wish I could get one that cheap!
    And my friend owes me $30 too... hahaha.
    I was checking out a local smokeshop today, found some interesting stuff, including a Volcanoe for only $99!!!
    The best bongs I saw there were about 2-3 feet tall, had ice catchers, percolators, splash guards, and ash catchers, running from $100-$200 was the most expensive.
    I wanted to buy one on the spot so bad, but seeing as how I don't have the money for that between saving for my car and paying for the gas I use to drive it, I had to hang my head and walk away.
    Anyway, piece hunting is fun, great find!!!
  10. Damn i wish i could find a bong that cheap around here.
  11. wow GREAt deal on that bong, if i saw that for 30 bucks id definatly pick it up.
    The holes are pretty kool
  12. ***** FUCK YO BONG!


    chapelles show!?!?!??!?!?!?!

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