My First Bong

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  1. So I was buying this bong from a friend, ive only seen a pic of it. Was 20$ and some weed. Of course I was stoked because it was so cheap. Then he comes over and parks across the street, at a little park and ride. I come up the window and he hands me this masssiivvvee bong. I didnt really plan on it being so big, but I stuck it in my bag anyway. It was sticking up about a foot above the bag, looked pretty silly.
    I didnt wanna put it on my back because I was scared the weight of the glass would smash it. So there I am, hugging this bag with a bong sticking out. As I approach my house I slip in the mud (its WA) and totally faceplant as cars are passing by. The guy across the street at the bus stop is laughing his ass off and yells "Nice bong, man" 
    the bong was fine, had to carefully place it thru the window then dive in after it

  2. Also residing in WA, I've learned to be sure my footing is secure wherever I walk high now. 
    Heavy score on the piece though. My first, which I bought for my 18th birthday, was 1.5'
  3. Lmao this made my night, sorry that you fell but at least everything was fine.  Seems like you got a great deal, got any pictures of the piece?
  4. Eat shit...AND

    deliver a great story. 😅

    nice OP. nice
  5. Lol awesome.

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  6. Should of invited the bus stop guy to try it out with u
  7. No man its fucked up so like the bus stop is in front of this big house and like every day there's someone new there

    It's fuckin weird.
  8. And yea guys the bong is actually in my profile pic. Here's a pic with colored water.

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  9. I seen that on bong outlrt goin for the high 100's nice man!!!!!!!!!:)
  10. Damn you got a great deal for 20 bucks Jesus
  11. colored water?
  12. damn son what a steal, well worth $20!!
  13. I JUST bought my first bong too!! Not quite as fancy as yours but its pretty sweet! Didnt even realiE it had a second story and ice catchers until i got home! Cant wait to really get some use out of her tonight!!!

    I think we all have that special whore somewhere in our lives.
  14. Bought my first bong from a shady guy at a park with 20 bucks also, although I didnt risk her losing her life before the first smoke luckily ;)
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    Nice bong

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