My first bong!

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    So with the new year I decided to treat myself to a bong after many years of smoking. It's something I always wanted and had some spare cash so I went to my local shop and picked up this 18" tall beaker bong. I wanted something with ice pinches and of that shape and it was $99.95


    Came with this downstem and a pretty large bowl


    And today as I was cleaning this stuff, I smacked it on the counter


    I got a replacement stem that looks like this (and seems to hit smoother). It has 18 holes and the 19th is the one at the bottom of the stem. What's this type of downstem called?


    Also have one of these on order from the store here

  2. so wheres the bubbler?
  3. That downstem style doesnt really have a specific name they just call it a diffused downstem
  4. Very nice for 100
  5. Besides the what I seem to understand is a great pre-cooler, any other things I can add here to make it better?

    And it's actually 20 inches. Really holds a lot of smoke
  6. You could always get a carbon filter.
  7. I got an ashcatcher/precooler from blackleaf and it works great but it's definitely not great quality. The welds look iffy and the bowl it came with is retarded.
  8. Good thing this one isn't coming with a bowl :smoking:
  9. This is my 1st bong, bought it recently for $23, it rips very good, I use it just about all the time,


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