My first bong.

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    Hey guys just got my first bong today, bought it off gogopipes online.
    It was 50$ plus shipping.
    It's pretty amazing man, I can see why people love bongs so much.
    She hits pretty hard, after a bowl I'm pretty stoned.

  2. i've seeen that bong on gogopipes, it looks realllyyyy nice. You should post a milkk shot/video of it in action
  3. is that bong advertised on grass city shop? i was wondering if someone would give me a review of it because I'm interested in ordering my own to add to what i have already

  4. Thanks bro, and forsure I'll try to post a video tonight!

  5. Nah it's not on Grasscity, but if you're looking for a cheap bong it's pretty damn good. She hits you like a brick and it's pretty thick glass too, won't break easy that's forsure.
  6. how talll is it?

  7. It's a 12inches tall.
  8. looks sweet man 50 bucks not bad got a lil tree perc n shit. glass on glass too thats pretty dope. all you need is a cheap little ash catcher for like 25 bucks and your all set. It might be then glass though so tell ALL of ur stoned buddies to .be very careful :) i always remind them, it doesnt hurt because everyone gets so stoned sometimes they may yank the female oute and snap it or something idno.

  9. Forsure, I'll probably be getting a new bowl anyways cause the hole on the bowl they gave me is pretty big. AND HELL NO, no one's touching her but me haha. (For the first month or so at least, I know she's never gonna leave my house.)
  10. looks nice as hell for 50 bucks. does it have a brand?
  11. Ive always wanted to get a cheap piece off thereS ill be waiting for the vid
  12. [quote name='"WhatsaBong"']
    won't break easy that's forsure.[/quote]

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

  13. Not sure what that means but if it's cause my grammar I agree it blows but we're all human...

  14. Nah, doesn't have a name.
  15. For 50 dollars thats a nice deal, just beware the glass probably is thin and wont stand up to much abuse.
  16. I got that same bong for $30 at some convenience store

  17. Hell of a deal if ya ain't lying.
  18. [quote name='"WhatsaBong"']

    Hell of a deal if ya ain't lying.[/quote]

    $50 for the OP was a good deal, unless the glass is very thin
  19. did u get water in your mouth?

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