My first bong

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  1. Got it from the head shop right by my house, it works pretty well haha.. I was smoking on a 4 inch piece before this so this is pretty fun. The only thing it could really use is an ash catcher which I almost bought but it can wait for now. Sorry for the blurry picture and the sideways one.

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  2. Looks pretty nice man, you should be happy with it for a long time. Plus it has ice notches, so you can make it an icy beast.

    Nothing better than holding onto an ice cold bong and milking it like your life depends on it, lol.
  3. Glass looks hella thin in that 3rd pic, I'd just be careful with it.

    Nice pick-up.
  4. Simple and good for everyday toke, i like it :p
  5. Bear Grylls?


    Ahaha, I had to, but that looks like a dope starter bong man.
  6. Good choice for your first one... Too many people cheap out on it and go for some shitty acrylic or 30 dollar garbage glass. Yours is good though, got everything you need... diffused downstem, ice catcher, good stuff. Might want to think about getting a clip for the downstem though. I've seen too many new smokers or those unexperienced with high quality glass accidentally yank out a downstem and snap it in half. I don't mean you by the way, I mean other people. They're the ones you have to watch out for.
  7. Yeah I specifically made the choice to invest in quality over the cheap shit and so this is what I got. The glass is actually pretty thick, I think it's just the picture making it look thin.

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