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My first bong... I need some help.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flfck, May 29, 2009.

  1. So I am looking into buying my first bong. I have mostly been smoking out of my spoon but it is time for something different. I don't know what I should be getting. Seeing as this is my first bong I dont want to to spend a tremendous amount but quality is important. Any suggestions would be greatly apprieciated :wave:
  2. I would just cruise down to your local headshop, and look for some nice hand blown stuff, support fellow stoners lol :p!
  3. This.

    Bongs are fairly straight-forward. Theres a handfull of nifty "upgrades" like A/C's, Diffusers and ice-catchers, but in the end, the work the same. Just find something in your range, and style, and you should be pleased. :bongin:
  4. I live in a hick town lol, no head shops around here :(
  5. well, it's best if you can find the nearest headshop and see the bong for yourself. This way you know the exact size and can see the thickness of the glass.

    But, my suggestion is that no matter what type of bong you buy, go ahead and get an ash catcher two. This will help you keep your bong SOOOO much cleaner, especially if you have multiple percs. This way when ash gets pulled through (and ohh, it will) it all gets stuck in that little ash catcher, rather than in your bong.

    Somehow the ashes manage to migrate up the percs... even up to the FOURTH PERC... i was amazed at how it got so nasty so quickly. This solves that problem though.
  6. you can get a nice bong or zong for about 30-40 dollers i paid 25 for my first zong it like 3 perkd but that cuz i knew the guy well at the place
  7. any difference with a zong or just looks?

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