My First Bong! (Dynamite Distributions)

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  1. Hey everyone, I picked up a nice Dynamite Distributions beaker, probably around 13 inches, yesterday afternoon. I had a huge sesh with some people afterwords, but I've since cleaned it out slightly so it's not disgusting (I mostly cleaned the bowl and the downstem). But enough noise, here's pictures!

    I apologize in advance if these pictures are enormous, I'm not so good with forum picture posting.

    The bong itself

    Logo Close-up

    Another angle (still a bit wet from cleaning)

    Eighth of really fruity headies I picked up to fill it


    Kief build-up in the grinder from yesterday's sesh


    And finally, I had a quick question. Anyone know a good way to clean the resin that builds on the inside by the downstem? I cant think of a good way to get down there.

    Hope you all enjoyed.
  2. use a pipe cleaner.

    btw, bong looks very nice. How thick is it? it may just be the mouthpiece (is that what you call it?) but it looks very thick from the first pic.
  3. I'm not sure exact thickness but it is very thick glass. I consider that a great thing though, because I tend to get kinda clumsy when I'm :bongin:
  4. Awesome Bong!
  5. Idk if your talking about the downstem itself... or the area inside the bong near the downstem...

    if ur talking about the downstem itself, I just run it under hot water after use and it will usualy clean completely- if not use some Q-tips--if not salt and iso.

    if ur talking about the area inside the bong near the downstem, use a toothbrush, I have a toothbrush reserved just for my bongs in the same area ur talking about.

  6. I was mostly referring to the area around the downstem on the inside of the bong. I'll try a toothbrush but right now i'm thinking salt+iso is my best bet.
  7. What did that bad boy cost?
    Nice pickup.

  8. Thanks.

    Was originally 140, but I got it for 20% off because a local place was having a sale. I replaced the bowl (the original was a funnel) and they gave me credit for the funnel, but it still put it back to around 138.
  9. do the salt and iso, and throw some dry grains of rice in there too, something solid to scrape off resin

  10. I'll be trying this later tonight if i can find rice around my house.
  11. ISO and salt should do the trick unless its wicked caked on.

    also ive found sea salt i much better than table salt
  12. damnn that looks like a really solid bong.. just what im looking for..

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