My First Bong!!! and Some Kush, Middies

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  1. Picked up my first bong the other day for a mere $45 that included a gram or 2 of some Kush. Then got an 1/8th of some middies for $25. I plan on buying a new slide for the bong next time I got to the head shop. Sorry for only one macro, didn't have my camera when I got the bong. :bongin:




  2. first bong feels great doesn't it? bong, herb, what more could you ask for?
  3. Nice bong. :bongin:
  4. looks like my first bong :D

    stay high :bongin:
  5. nice first bong, i had one just like that for my first binger:)

  6. So that that you?
  7. Nice first bong. Hope you enjoy the toke. :smoke:
  8. I love how the picture of the "kush" is blurry and out of focus showing what appears to be a commercial pressed piece of garbage bammer weed...

    And how the picture of the "middies" is crystal clear and perfectly in focus...
  9. Damn roxey, looking fine if that you haha. But to the OP.. nice first bong.. I wouldnt necessarily call the bud "kush"but it looks alright. Shit what ever gets ya high man.
  10. gots to love the first bong you by, still have mine but he is retired at this point. have to bust it out though soon.
  11. Congrats man, enjoy the herb :smoke:
  12. nice bong bro my first bong was plastic but it got the job done....:smoke:

  13. A lighter..haha just messin. Nice bong
  14. Thanks for the comments guys. The pic of the kush is blurry because I took the pic with my phone compared to the pic of mids that is a macro from my camera I took yesterday, will update with a macro shot of kush later

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