My First Bong And Gfs First Bubbler

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  1. Hey guys, My gf and I picked up our first bubbler and bong respectively a couple weeks ago at smoke shops near our college. Mine was $60 + tax and hers $30 I believe. What do you think?
    Them together

  2. Looks like your typical bubbler, not a bad price even though they are usually somewhat thin glass. The bong has some nice work in it but just doesn't appeal to me. 
  3. For a small bong like that, I like the clever design so you don't get any water splash, the lethal flaw to bongs that size.

    Enjoy the purchase(s)!

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  4. I like it too, it is pretty creative. Now remember, be CAREFUL with it! haha.
  5. The design makes for a nice handle and works as an ice catcher too which I think is cool.
    Speaking of which, I accidentally dropped and broke a centimeter off the downstem on my third use or something because I packed it away wrong. Still works fine, but I'm going to get a fancier diffuser downstem. Eventually I'll get a shallower bowl so that it's more useable with groups(cornering is really hard with this one).
    to hell with cornering, i dont want an ash hit. pack personal bowls/snappers

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