My first blunt :)

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  1. Looks good OP! There is nothing I love more than rolling a perfect blunt or spliff.
  2. [​IMG]

    My second blunt!!! Grape swisher stuffed with half a gram of dank and some wacky tabacky
  3. Very nice on the roll :)
    Im dry atm but ill be sure to roll a bad boy up in the next couple days.
  4. Very nice roll royk :)
    How long did it take to burn the whole thing?
  5. Did you really roll a spilff blunt? Bud and tobacco? Please tell me you used other tobacco than what was in the cigarillo

  6. I only smoked a quarter of it (took a month long t-break....tolerance is non-existant). And it burned evenly :) it was nice!

    The end was kind of loose so I shoved a small amount of tobacco (yes from the cigarillo) into the end. It was a tiny pinch of I probably won't even notice it when I smoke it. 99% of the insides was good ol' dank :smoking:

    Thanks guys :) I gotta start rolling more :p
  7. Nice,
    Im picking up a sack tomorrow and putting it all into one fat blunt. Not sure whether or not Im going to use a rap or an actual cigar shell.
  8. Oh yeah that will probably just burn off when you light it anyways.

    But cigars and cigarillos use tobacco that is cured differently to be more alkaline, which is why the nicotine is absorbed the the gums and mouth. Inhaling that kind of tobacco is exponentially more damaging than regular cigarette tobacco, even without the chemicals they add so it hits you harder. Just in case you didn't know. Rolling tobacco would be a lot safer, but it really wouldn't matter unless you rolled a legit spliff like 50/50 or 75/25

  9. I've heard if you're a noob using wraps is easier. I've also heard wraps suck cuz they burn too fast. I have yet to use a wrap :confused_2: but I will one of these days. I'd use a swisher if I were you. Never used a game or white owl cuz honestly I don't think I've ever seen those sold. It's always mini dutches and swishers being sold in my area.

    Oh wow I never knew that! That's shit man. Only 1% of the blunt is tobacco and like you said it'll probably burn off when I light it up.


  10. In personal experience I think that rolling with a wrap is more difficult than using a cigarillo. Everyone thinks different though, you'll just have to try and see what you think.

    Definitely a big improvement between the first and second though :smoking:
  11. ewwww! haha nice blunt, its funny when you see someone roll something so wretched and nasty and they bother posting it as their first blunt... i mean really its like they have hands without opposable thumbs, yours however as a first blunt is nice :)

    and yeah actual wraps are harder for first timers, swishers are easy cause theyre in the basic shape you just need to make it tight and lick it

  12. Thanks!!!! My first b was kinda preggo but I'm very proud of my second one :D

    Swishers for the win dude I think I'm going to continue using these haha dutches were a lil harder cuz with my first one it ripped at the end but with my second b the swisher cigar wrap was easy to tuck, lick, fold :p
  13. Blunts are nasty. Blahhhh.
  14. Ya? Mtn dew is nastier!!!
  15. Dutch is the way to go. thats all i roll with. ive smoked 3 of the 5 flavors soo much that i hate those flavors now. all i like now are vanilla and honey. thats way better than my first one also.
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    :) .

    Edit: That was the day after my birthday, your second one came out nice.
  17. Aren't you from South Florida? If so, no wonder you prefer dutches :laughing: cuz that's all we have at gas stations here!!! Swishers rolled much easier imo. Look at the difference in the first blunt and second blunt.

    Blunt - :) <3
  18. Haha, right. At least it doesn't taste like burning shit.
  19. Biggest hater ever, Nathan!!! Sheesh. Come hit this blunt...tell me you'll say wouldn't!

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