My first blunt :)

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    My other two friends didn't know how to roll a blunt so I had to resort to my memory of seeing blunts being rolled in front of me ever since I started toking. There was a little rip on the other side but besides that it burned evenly and slowly :D :smoking: :hello: there was about a gram in there I think. I stuffed it as much as I could :p
  2. looks good for a first time, practice makes perfect
  3. Shit looks good, Roykkk. [​IMG]

    Dappp on it, m8.
  4. That's how I was when I rolled my first blunt, I had seen so many people do it before me that I knew exactly how to roll. Is that a wrap? Rolling with wraps is an art for me.
  5. very nice.

    that looks so good about now
  6. looks nice for first one
  7. Thank you, everyone!!! I'm surprised at how it came out. I'm sure I've seen hundreds of blunts rolled in front of me since age 16 until now (21) :D practice makes perfect of course. I'm just surprised at how slowly and evenly it burned...I was concerned about that. We couldn't even finish it because there was two kinds of bud mixed =) we hot boxed my friends car.

    Nope, it was a grape mini dutch :)
  8. all about the tuck and rolls
  9. Very nice for the first one, and good job going with the dutch. Doin it like the pro's I see :cool::D:smoke:
  10. Awww, you're so cute :D
    Good job anddd enjoy that!
  11. The pic is too blurry to tell if you scrolled it dutchie style. If not, props on a good first blunt, but if you did unroll it and dutchmaster it than super props to you.
  12. sure looks nice for ya first bluntt i love twisting grape dutches :)
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    I just split it open, gut it, stuffed it as much as I could and then tucked, licked, and folded. Once I was done I inserted some more weed in the beginning of the blunt and slowly pushed it in with a pen end. This is how I've seen my cousin do it before. I can't do the fancy kind of rolling where I unwrap it and then split it etc. etc. but I will learn that eventually :p next thing I need to learn how to roll is joints! I usually don't smoke joints but it would come in handy to know how to roll one.

    Thanks again guys :D
  14. Looks pretty sweet, Royk. I'm not the biggest fan of blunts and I'd rather use glass but if I was there you can bet your ass I would be on it in a second.
  15. nice blunt man! pretty solid for first time
  16. thats nice looking for your first blunt :D
    now if I was closer, we'd spark that bad boy!~
  17. Not bad first try! Hope you had fun :smoke:
  18. Thanks everyone!! :D

    Yaaa girl you know that me, you, and Smokersmvp would be lighting them up one after the other :devious:
  19. not bad, pony boy. hahaha
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    hahah true dat~:smoke:

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