my first blunt

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by twiztid toker, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. the first blunt i ever rolled. i think it looks pretty good. comments welcome. more pics later.

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  2. tiny bit small dontcha think?
    but if that's your first blunt then it was better then mine :)
  3. well done sir. over two years into my smoking career and ive yet to roll one
  4. nice one man, enjoy that.

    you've inspired me, i might roll one later myself
  5. nice blunt, whoop whoop!
    nice sig
  6. Good shit, sir! I'll be rolling one myself this evening with THE PURP.
  7. nice roll!
    @dank7,, you and i both,, ive nbever rolled, but i smoke nearly daily

  8. haha i know man its pathetic. I guess it out of pure laziness or just the fact that I dont care much. I usually always have glass on me or someone who can roll really well.
  9. you hit that one right on the head
    i prefer glass, but i can never turn down a blunt =)
  10. i know its thin but it was my first time rolling a blunt. it came out so good it hit perfect. but i prefer glass and thought it was kinda hard rolling something other than a j.
  11. more pics as promised.

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