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My first blunt :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ganjagrowin, Aug 26, 2012.

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  2. looks good!

    I know my first one wasn't that good, but I didn't have anyone to show me either :(
  3. & So starts a long learning process that never quite leads to absolute perfection!
  4. Haha thanks guys and it was alot easier for me to roll this blunt than it is for me to roll joints. And yes i will be trying to master blunt rolling now haha.
  5. Damn bruh that's a nice ass blunt. Especially for first time

    haha hell yeah. still fucking up and learnin' alot bout rollin papers.
  6. Nice! Smoke that man :smoke:

  7. Thanks man and yeh papers are tricky haha.
  8. Blunts are honestly the easy part, I'd say joints with those thin papers are harder, unless of course you roll it boat style then it's easy as hell anyway to make a perfect joint!

    (Really though, look up Wiz Khalifa's video on how to roll a perfect joint, it's the way I learned a couple years before that video came out)

  9. I have actually seen that video and rolled pretty decently. I just think blunts are way easier haha.
  10. Absolutely agreed, haha. Blunts have that thicker and more sturdy wrap that you can work with so easily, but it usually kills my stash so much faster rolling blunts than smoking bowls out of the bong so I try to avoid unless I have $5/g's from the Collective (last time it was Super Silver Haze, actually pretty decent and would have sold for 15/g anywhere else but luckily I live in Cali :p)
  11. Pretty good man, little thin but that's all good.

    I personally dislike blunts/joints, because it's a waste. But they're good when you're chilling with a couple of homies.
  12. Yeah the blunt was good between me and four others, sadly its reggie and not good but still got us all very high haha.
  13. Nice dude! That looks great for a first blunt.

  14. Thanks man much appreciated and I just rolled a fatter blunt a few mins ago and smoked about half of it and it got me so high.
  15. Looks solid bro, after a while becomes a relflex rolled up in 3 mins cigarillos ftw
  16. Enjoy dah blunt mon :smoking:

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